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Welcome to WAH Christians! This community is a place where you can come and get friendly support and assistance when it comes to building your WAH Business. And - support and assistance that is Biblically based - to help keep you right on track.

Because we wish this to be a safe place where we can share value - please do not SPAM the community! That means do not post invitations about your biz opportunity for the purpose of recruiting. That is SPAM.....and it doesn't work anyway.

So respect the other members and offer business building tips and true value. And build relationships with your Brothers and Sisters. And let's build an awesome community where we can come and be blessed - and prosper together!

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A Simple Strategy For Your work At Home Business [VIDEO]

Whether we work from home or we own a brick and mortar business - all of us need more leads, prospects and traffic. This [VIDEO] recording of our last webinar is a gem.

I had to share it with you because first of all - it's so simple. But second of all - it works!

So check out the [VIDEO] and I hope that it blesses your work at home business!


Dave Webber

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Feel free to use any images that I post for your own business if you wish. Just add your URL on the bottom of the image and spread it around :)

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If God put it in your heart - He gave you the skills and talent to bring it to pass!
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