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Often asked: How loud does the Clevo P150SM get in different scenarios?
This video shows the different fan modes during system start, idle, light load, heavy load and full blast. 
Please note: This footage is only for demonstration purpose and not to show the player skills ;)

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Feature Highlights of the AMD Catalyst™ 14.7​ RC Driver for Windows
Includes all improvements found in the AMD Catalyst™ 14.6 RC driver
AMD ​CrossFire™ and AMD Radeon™ Dual Graphics profile update for Plants vs. Zombies​​​
Assassin's Creed IV - improved CrossFire scaling (3840x2160 High Settings) up to 93%
Collaboration with AOC has identified non-standard display timings as the root cause of 60Hz SST flickering exhibited by the AOC  U2868PQU panel on certain AMD Radeon™ graphics cards. A software workaround has been implemented in AMD Catalyst 14.7 RC driver to resolve the display timing issues with this display.  
Users are further encouraged to obtain newer display firmware from AOC that will resolve flickering at its origin. 
Users are additionally advised to utilize DisplayPort-certified cables to ensure the integrity of the DisplayPort data connection.​​​

The AMD Catalyst™ 14.7 RC driver can be downloaded from the following link:​​

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BF4 Clevo P37X SLI

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Clevo P370SM and Á Very Loud Fan

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Crysis3 Clevo P37X nVidia SLI

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World Of Tanks

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old and yet new Core Benchmark

Crysis3 Clevo P37X SLI Core Benchmark nVidia Part I @ clock nVidia GTX780M

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@850MHz aka GTX680M
@993MHz OEM GTX880M
@1100 MHz Overcloking

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nVIDIA GTX 880M @850@993@1100 MHz Core Benchmark BF4
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