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[ quotes ]

"Blocking your opponents....use your type of magic in order to use them...and if you have been struck then hit them hard..."

"They think I am young but I am actually 19....I graduated from this school and quickly applied for a faculty staff, since their is only two other faculty members in the school so they applied me quickly and I was like 'sure why not' and so they did it..."

groans "You think I am in a good mood??? NO."

[ alias ]
The Silent Widow

[ name ]
Juri Kazuya

[ meaning ]
Ju> Timber;Wood;Tree
<Ri Justice;Logic

Kazuya Peace;Harmony;Calm

[ nickname ]
>The Silent Widow

[ age ]
19 years

[ gender ]

[ sexuality ]

[ relationship ]
w/ Principal Takushima

[ status ]
In a relationship

[ occupation ]
Offense Teacher

[ appearance ]
Photos below


[ personality ]
She is normally quiet, and wants to be alone. She is happy and kind with her friends, but if you tick her off she is very very angry and seems like that she wants to kill you

[ likes ]
>VMMORPG Playing
>Being alone

[ dislikes ]
>Being ticked off
>Being angry
>Losing someone
>Being angry

[ abilities ]
If this is where the power abilities are now being in place then ok

"Silent Curse!"
Juri usually uses this way or method in magic so she can either shut someone up or literally leave them without talking for a day. It`s a common magic so she is alright with it, it only lasts for a day, so you`ll get it back the next morning

deal with it if it sounds like a made up word
She uses this with fire. As this effect makes her very angry, as she says this, fire circles you and she leaves it there til the fire burns away

She uses her eyes for this, since her eyes is red. She usually make you afraid of her and make you run away easily, it`s also a easy magic she uses so she can stop being angry

"Cold Snow..."
This is more sad, she uses snow because it`s like ice, a barrier of ice seals her when she is crying or in pain. She wants to be alone or with someone who knows her problems so it`s not like she can survive with a ice dome around her

She is very angry and wants everyone to back off. Someone would want to grab her til she cannot ruin the academy apart

"Fallen Angel"
Fun Fact: She has wings, dark red ones. When she wants to either escape or don`t wanna get caught. She uses that power to summon it, and fly away

[ skills ]
>Magic training

[ kinks (if have any) ]

[ favorites ]
Book: Hamilton the Revolution
Music: The Hamilton Soundtrack and The Heather's Soundtrack
Animal: Winter Fox and Phoinex

[ biography ]
I am keeping this simple because I don`t wanna type to much

Juri Kazuya usually doesn`t want to talk about her past because it involves very awful things, such as betrayal and painful controversy. She hates it and wants to teach the people because Principal Takushima offered it, honestly she wasn`t the best in the academy but it didn`t really matter. She is honestly glad to just get a job quickly after graduating

[ themes ]

[ extra ]_
_She has a Winter Fox named Philip
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Student Profile

"There is not such thing as fighting to much or that your gender defends who you are as a warrior"

"Just because I am a female that doesn't mean I can't fight, it means I will just have to prove you wrong."

Name: My name is Kavita Valantine, if you want to know my middle name you will have to gain my trust and plus ask my mother, because I personally hate the sound of my middle name sighs

Alias/Nickname My mother calls me Kavita, my friends call me Kav, Avita, ita, and tia, but I like to be called Ava personally out of all these nicknames, but if you have anymore ideas for me let me know

Age am 18 years old and I just turned 18 about a few weeks ago

Gender I am a female, sighs I will not show you how I am a girl because I think you can see how I am a girl so don't even try to be blind

Blood Type I am a rare O+ blood type, but I can help a lot of people because of the fact my blood can work with any blood type

Weight 173 lbs

Height 5' 1" just because am short that doesn't mean I will give up that easily

Hair Style Kavita style of hair is long and wavy mostly worn down with a headband in her hair to show off her bangs and to make sure that her hair doesn't fall into her face, if she doesn't wear a headband she than puts in a white rose half crown in her hair it really depends on what she is wearing for that day will depend on what she does with her hair

Hair Color Although Kavita is only 18 years old some people think she is older than that because of the color of her hair, but the truth is that the color of her hair is a silver color but she tells everyone that is because she platinum blonde hair color

Eye Color Kavita has a rare eyes color which is purple she loves her purple eyes along with her silver hair

Personality Kavtia is a quite, studious, inventer, hard working, kind, childish, and doesn't put up with much, she also hates when people touch her inventions or try to get in her way she likes working alone and doesn't want to be bothered at all

Appearance Kavita appearance depends on the day of the week and what she is doing, when she is just going to classes she normally wears a nice dress shirt, a small tie, and a medium length black skirt, if she is working on her inventions she is wearing more boyish style type of clothes because she likes the feel of them when she is working on her inventions

Battle Stats:







Powers: Explain and listed below

Time Jerking: Time jerking gives Kavita the power to jerk or change time meaning that she can change the time and also make time go faster, slower, or stop just with a snap of her fingers she can do anything she wants by working with time which is something that she loves

Time traveling Kavita has the ability to travel through time without the need to use a time mechine but she can't take someone with her through time travel but she is trying to figure out a way that she can do that

Time: This is a very simple power to understand she has the power to control time which means she can well control time which can come in handy when it comes to waiting for things, which is something that she hates doing

Abilities Kavita has the abilities to invent things, fix inventions, cars, and cooking which is something she keeps herself, but she doesn't mind sharing her cooking skills or her inventions with other people, she just doesn't like people making fun of her inventions

List of Techniques

Time clones: over time she can makes clones of herself and use the clones to help her battle or fight, it is something she rarely uses because it makes her very weak after she uses it

Sword of time: the sword that she has that has been in her family is the sword of time meaning that with the help of her sword she can use the time power that her family members before her had that she didn't know what she has, and upon using this power part of the sword she doesn't have the control over her body, but the person who has the power controls her body.

Weapon I only have one weapon which is a family sword that has been passed down through the generations since the start of my family, I plan to not give it away until I have children.

Biography Kavtia is really not from this time at all Kavita is growing up in a time known as New Victoria where the world is very in tuned with its electronics and the world is very well into the new way of life of what people don't know is just around the corner, growing up on the more royal end of the people Kavita has the best electronics, but along everything is well in her time there is one thing she doesn't want to talk about and that is the fact that her city is under attack and has been for the longest time, it was been attacked by the undead although most people in her time and in her city are scared of these new people she finds them to be very good friends and really good helpers, although they are dead they can move and talk just like everyone else can. But there is something that was bothering her during time that she needed to knew more about that she couldn't figure out when she was in her time, which was the fact of her powers and where they came from for she was the only one in her time period that has powers, so one of her friends Bane told her that she needed to go back in time and see if someone could help her figure out where her powers came from, so she took his advice and used her own powers to travel back in time to figure out what her powers. Little did she realize that her powers would prevent her from going back to the time that she was born in which she found a bit odd that she can go back in time to a time that she wasn't born in but she can't go back home to her own time, being stuck in the time that she traveled to which is now, she has been using every moment she has to figure out a way how she can get back to her time and back to her friends and family while trying to figure out her powers as well, although she misses her friends and her family as well she has learned to come that the people she has come to met are her friends and have slowly became her family as well. Although she is far away from her family and her time she will try to find a way to get back to her time and everyone she loves.

Theme Songs
Cracked by PTX

Misbehaven by PTX

First thing First by PTX

Extra She loves to invent things and put things to the test while trying to figure out what she can do with her powers. And she is suppose to be married pretty soon in her time which is one reason why she wants to get back to her time 
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File Location: SIS Headquaters

Password: *****


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"A True Warrior Will Always Take The Hit For Their Friends."
"My shield is yours, I will protect."
"Calling me a 'meat-shield' is not the correct terminology."


General Dorn
Leburus Lubrical Dorn


Guardian Angel
Demon Wall
Blue Guard







Blood Type:

Unknown, although it glows blue....

Hair Style:

Very Long Flowing

Hair Color:

Dark Blue

Eye Color:

A Dark Purple, with Blue "Whites"


390lbs Discluding Armour




Lebus, to some, is seen as cold, emotionless and harsh when in reality, he is just blunt. He will not even try to be Subtle. He is always polite when he speaks but that does not mean he is kind. He will not purposely hurt anyones feelings ut he will always speak properly and lamost never use slang unless it's to point out how useless it is. He is the sort of teacher that could spend a whole lession lecturing people on how swearing, does not make you sound smart and how it has the opposite affect. It is very hard to make him smile let alone laugh.

Another aspect of his personality is the total shift when he enters combat. He becomes brutal and giddy. A massive grin is normally spread across his face as he assaults his foes or defends his allies. The burtality of his attacks is supported by his little care for getting hurt, although he will block attacks still. This makes him frightening even to his allies.


His appearance is, well angelic. His long flowing hair and defined features make him looks handsome and some would even say beautiful. Yet, there is the offput that his eyes make. If you focus on his eyes he seems almost demonic in appearance, making him terrifying and his beauty is turned into an uncanny vally. He has no bio-mechanical augments but this would probably make him look more human.... He has a light scare going across his left eye. He normally weears fullplate armour. Full plate armour with golden trimmings.

There are some times when he doesn't wear armour be it at formal meetings or casual "parties" at events like these he normally wears a black suit with a purple undershirt and a gold tie with black markings on.




New Magic

Battle Stats:

Base Attack: 6/10

Base Defence: 10/10

Base Stanima: 8/10

Max Attack: 3/5

Max Defence: 5/5


Angel Wings: He can create wings that allow him to fly at subsonic speeds. They are large and powerful enough to break a mans neck. The wings are blue the flight feathers of his wings are a lighter blue.

Demon Physiology: His body has been changed.... It has made it so he can take much harder hits from enemies and he can regenirate no matter the wound... It just takes some time. This does not mean that their can be two of him, it's required that the peices are stuck back on. If they are not then it will take a lot longer to regenirate.

Perpetual: This means that no matter the wound or damage done to him he will conitnue living. Technically he is already dead since that is what is considered to happen when angels are kicked out of heaven.

List of Techniques:

Complete Guard: Using his sheild and sword to pary attack or projectiles This move makes it impossible to attack but blocks all damage to him and those behind him.

Full Force Bash: With any blut section of anything. This stuns anyone hit by it hand sends them sprawling away, out of melee range. This is a good move for crowd control since it's about controling an area.

Cleaving Blow: A move that keeps all of it's kenetic energy by only giving glancing blows to hit opponets.

Duelest Stance: A stance where he puts his shield down and wields his sword with both hands. This adds power to his attacks and effectivly moves 2 points from both his defence stats and puts them on attack.

Cursed Style: This is a flurry of blows where a single one would mortally wound any opponet. This technique can only be used in duelest stance and wounds at half the strength of the ones inflicted on the opponet are inflicted on the user.

Bloody Slaughter: Another Duelest stance specific move that is a single strike with all of his rage, anger and power being used as fuel. This means that the blow is the most powerful technique in his arsonal and could probably split a man full clad in armour easily, from head to toe.


Angel Arts(AA):
Blink: A short range teleport that takes emense focus and understanding, it is not a flash step in the sense that a preson is deconstructing themselves with their mind and recreating them somewhere else. Blink is the most basic form of teleportation in AA, it is the first teleport that you would learn. Lebus can only use it once a minute 60 comments.

Guardian's Blink: This is an AA that is only used by guardian angels. IT teleports the user to the one that it has pleged to guard. In Lebus' case, this is Sora. It takes a little bit of wind up before use.

Purity Flames: These are flames that deal damage based on the transgrations of the person who is hit but it also purges them of their sins. This means that only one attack can really be made with these flames on a person.

Demon Rights(DR):
Cloak of Shadows: It's a form of protection tht wraps shadows around the user or a targer, it is almost like wrapping yourself honey or another sticky, thick liquid. Weapons are slowed down when it reaces the shadow and anything that stops inside is incredely hard to remove. This DR is only useable while the caster is standing in shadows.

The Beast: His form changes completely reversing his stats, it takes a few moments 3 comments. This changes him into a "Full Demon" In this form his armour spilts open and falls off, his hands become useless to hold weapons as the morph into that of a Bear, his arms doing the same but they are still human like just being larger and more powerful. His head morphs into that of a Lions. His legs made of Metal and his torso that of a Leapards. Large leathery wings grow out of his back and ten horns grow from his head with a crown perched at the top.


A Halbard is his main weapon it is made of out a silver metal with a golden shaft and a large axe head. He uses a shield as his off hand that is made of a similar metal as his armour. He has a sword as his secondary, it has a black balde with a silver edge to it.
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Emil Takushima




Hair Style:

Hair Color:*

Eye Color







Emil is a good-looking and slender young man with spiky, stylish blond hair and blue eyes. He wears the Controlling Organization science uniform with a white turtleneck under a white Japanese-style tunic. When he was at the Kikokushijo Academy, he wore glasses and the standard male school uniform. As a child, he wore a light purple shirt and grey shorts while he lived at the home of Takushima When he was adopted by the Motto clan, he wore a Japanese tradition training shihakushō uniform...


Emil is the definition of the "shrinking violet" archetype. He is sometimes shy, clumsy, and tends to get worked up over the smallest things. Emil is extremely self-conscious. He can be socially awkward at times, but this has actually served as an endearing trait, which earned his brother and sisters friendship. In spite of this, he is shown to be quite passionate and determined when motivated, and is loyal to his friends and allies. Then there's the soft and unfettered side to his personality that shows compassion to every person and being, and how everyone is being treated. With his job out of the way, he enjoys relaxing with friends and reminiscing, nostalgically. When he cares for others' well-being, he overlooks her traits and is much more responsible...Emil also has many girly traits to his character including an interest in cute animals. Emil says that he can only recognize the panda Lao Jiu because of its adorable appearance. Emil also writes his own poems about finding true love. He apologizes for everything she does, and is extremely shy...


Likes & Dislikes:

Cute Things



Powers and Abilities:

Emil proves his elite status in the Controlling Organization with his exceptional skills on the battlefield. Wielding the Arch-Enemy Event Weapon named Ice Sword: Yukianesa, Emil controls the element of ice, wielding it with such efficiency that he is able to shape the ice he creates into different forms such as a series of blades and is able to propel himself on one. His swordsmanship as well as his powers rival and contrasts that of his brother Sora. While Sora fights with savage, powerful blows, Emil's style is elegant (although it should be noted that the damage output on Emil's attacks are considerably powerful like Sora), which strangely polarizers his own personality affected by Yukianesa....

List of Powers:

Ice Shield
[Summoning a Shield of Ice. Emil can use it with Offensive and Defense.]

Hail of Ice
[By placing his hand onto the ground, Emil can summon Ice Shards from above.]

[Emil can attack quickly, summoning Ice from his hand to freeze his opponent making any type of additional attacks he can. The hitbox will be now higher.]

Arrows of Ice:
[Emil starts to make a bow and arrow made of Ice, shooting at the opponent. If one bow connects, the bow will turn him to Ice and It will shatter completely damaging the opponent.]


Battle Stats:
BATK: (Base Attack)
BDEF: (Base Defense)
BSTA: (Base Stamina)
MATK: (Max Attack)
MDEF: (Max Defense)


Biography / Story

When Emil was a little boy, he was very dependent on his older brother, Sora, for affection and constantly pestered him to play with him. He saw his sister Saiya as his bright future into the world just like Sora had. Eventually, Sora and Emil decided to look after the sickly Saiya. Years later, (Saiya was still Ill..) Jun sensed the approaching of a great evil and decided that it was about time she told the kids concerning their origins. She also told Sora privately that if anything were to happen to her, he should look for his grandfather. Jun's premonitions proved to be true, as she was attacked by that very same monster four days later on Sora's 15th birthday. Emil hidden away from the rebel as he continued to run while Sora was searching for his mother, Saiya and Emil....The Motto family was once a noble one, but Edgar, being the head of the family, originally lacked an heir before he adopted Emil and, after heavily criticizing the Controlling Organization, the Motto lost their aristocratic rights and their family was sentenced to relegation from the Controlling Organization...While living in the Motto household, Emil obtained her Arch-Enemy, Ice Sword: Yukianesa, after being attacked by a monster in a forest. Nearly two years after his adoption, he found out about the upcoming banishment of the Vermillion household from the Controlling Organization and, concerned for the Vermillion family's future, decided to take the entrance exam for the Military Academy in Torifune.....

Years later, Emil reunited with his older brother Sora, meeting his children and his step-brother Kaiba.
Emil Is now the Teacher of Kikokushijo Academy.


Theme Songs:

BB - Jin Kisaragi's Theme Lust Sin

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