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Hello welcome to the community here are a few rules that you have to know

1. Me and Adel are the moderators anybody who wants to be one let us know

2. Post anything that is appropriate unless if you ask Adel or me

3. Post any images videos or YouTube videos if only you can ask me and Adel for it only

4. Be good be safe

5. No fighting no drama no pushing otherwise we will have you to be in trouble

6. Be careful what you say

7. Say nice words and don't say bad words

8. Don't say mean things to me and Adel because we are having a baby girl and Nate Grafe ((which is my son he's gonna be a father))

9. If you have any questions or concerns call us or text us and we will work something out for you

10. Don't make fun of us

11. I never lie

And 12. Don't try to evil laugh at us

Thank you! I'll pin this to the community

Now you may enjoy the community. Thanks!
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Thanks for the invite
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