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Finally came around to publish my "screen_away" irssi script.

(yes, I know, it is used for 10+ years now by many people - but for the past few years there was no official webspace for the script)

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How to scroll window content by one line only? PgUp/PgDown are useful, but I have trouble locating the end of previous text after using them, so I'd prefer to read scrolling line by line.

Just Dled the newer test install for Windows. Looking forward to it (Win8 x64)

From where can I get the irssi code base to contribute to ?

just got irssi-0.8.16-rc1 to compile on raspberry pi. had to jump through a few hoops but not bad. love the new client!!

Contribution Guidelines:
both this community and the site lack them.
how can one contribute to the project if he wishes to?
unless you do not accept external contributions, shouldn't that be made clear to fans and potential contributors?
I really love Irssi and it certainly is would be a shame to see it fade etc...

Guys, I have a doubt abou windows in IRSSI

So, when I enter in more than one channel, I need to Ctrl + N to change the window...

There is a way to have all the channels like tabs, or something more "nice"..?
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