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Im having a contest!
Draw one of my ocs (or both if you want) to submit
Rules: 1. 2 submissions per person ( one of each oc)
2. Pictures already drawn can be submitted
3. No obscene drawings( blood and death not included)
2 winners ( one for each oc) will be chosen on February 1st 2015
The winners will receive a drawing from me ( anything within reason) gett a shout out on one of my youtube videos get a video made for them ( for more details ask or you will be informed when you win) and be featured on my deviantart page
Ocs are showen below ( 2nd mare electric blade 1st stallion night shadow)
I hope people try I'm sorry the prizes aren't really good but its all i can give and Have Fun! ­čśâ´╗┐
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merry Christmas!!!!!! or happy holidays!!!!!
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ill start off this community by introducing myself im commander_electric_blade or mic tucker (you can call me anything except my real name) welcome to my army!
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