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Can I install Mageia 6 on my IMac? If so can you send me links with information that will help me with the install? Thanks.

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Since the changing of Kernel 3.19 to 4.4 I have boot problems with my DELL Inspirion Mini 1018. I only can boot with the old kernel 3.19 without problems. With the other 4.4 I have a problem because the boot process stopped.

I took a picture of the messages, when the boot process stopped.

After stopping I only can switch off the computer.

I use Mageia 5 and originally I would install later Mageia 6.

Or should I install a new mainboard that support the current kernel modules?

When I boot with the 3.19 boot.log shows me only this boot process not the old process.

I can answer you in to the next two hours directly and after my late shift (until 8.p.m CET).


Mageia KDE rocks!!!

Any news about mageia 6?

I finally installed MGA 5.1 on my Dell XPS 15. All working out of the box, but I have two issues which I haven't resolved yet.

Maybe someome here can point me to workarounds or proper solutions:

1. Intel graphics is glitchy in Gnome3 and if I fire some heavy 3D graphics (torcs game is enough) it breaks (sometime freezes for several seconds, sometimes crashes). The glxspheres64 utility does not work and exits with

Polygons in scene: 62464
Visual ID of window: 0xd5
Context is Direct
OpenGL Renderer: Mesa DRI Intel(R) Skylake Halo GT2
0.174660 frames/sec - 0.194920 Mpixels/sec
intel_do_flush_locked failed: Input/output error

2. Wireless driver seems ok but do not reconnect on suspend. If I use mga network center and connect manually, it works flawlessly.

Thank you in advance.

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New release of Mageia 5.1 KDE. Installation and Overview.

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To fix X not starting for Mageia6 Sta1 in Virtual Box. Link in french.

Basically, delete the xorg.conf file and restart dm.

My VM would complain about not being able to start the graphic environment and I would be stuck in text mode. Log messages didn't say much.

I found this link, didn't understand any french but then ran the listed commands and voiĺá, it worked :)
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