Hello World and Mageia Community- this post by this particular Luddite poses the question, "Where do we go from Here?".

Since all of you, possessing extra-senory qualities, are keenly aware that G+ or Google Plus is soon to go into that great void of defunct Google Programs,
(promises, promises), and we will no longer be free to romp and gambol across this page, does anyone have a plan or suggestion for human migration to another venue in cyberspace?

I myself do not have a plan, but only a hope that another venue can be created.
( Idk if anything here can be moved, or is worth moving over to somewhere else.
Is there anyone moderating this site? Does anyone care about moving it, or does anyone have the time and savvy to get it moved ? Personally, I would not know where to begin.

But if someone had some suggestions or could describe what would need to be done, I could try to help. I am not exactly throwing my hat into the ring ( I am definitely not the sharpest tool in the shed), but I thought I would put it out there for others to chime in. I do not have much skin in the game here, but it would be nice to have a similar venue to this one, in the future.

My only other idea is to create a Dispora Pod, which is slightly similar, free, and relatively secure, I think. I believe it may be an open source network and decentralized, but I'm not really sure. Anybody with any ideas ?

For all of you BOLD EXPLORERS who have tried linux, and especially mageia,
I am wondering if any of you are bold enough to share some of your thoughts?
Since the activity of development sometimes (often) proceeds at a snail's pace, if not slower, it is hard to embrace a new platform/OS if not much is happening.

How many folks are still using it ? If you still use it, perhaps someone would be kind enough to leave a comment. Please feel free to rant about what you like or dislike.

I am using mageia 5, but mageia 6.1 has been out, and they are trying to get mageia 7 off the ground. Let's hope they do.
Mageia OS seems like a pretty sturdy vessel to me and I have been able to do a few things with it. Anyone else have anything to say, or am I barking up the wrong tree even being on this G+ site. How about it, Early Adopters,,,,can anyone toss me a bone?

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Are the Mageia Forums Down?.

I can access to http://bugs.mageia.org

But if I go to https://forums.mageia.org/en/

I get this when trying to login.

Bad Gateway!

The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.

If you think this is a server error, please contact the webmaster.
Error (none)
Apache/2.4.27 (Mageia) OpenSSL/1.0.2p PHP/5.6.38


Is there an equivalent to --allow-nodeps in dnf?.

Let me explain why.

When installing teamviewer 13 I get an error saying that package could not be installed because missing qt5-qtquickcontrols[>= 5.5. I know that library is provided in mageia in another package..

So I used: urpmi --force --allow-nodeps teamviewer_13.2.13582.x86_64.rpm

The package installs and works great but:

Once the teamviewer in installed it creates a repository so I can keep teamviewer upgraded. The problem is that when I use the command: dnf upgrade... it complains about that same "missing library"


Good morning I'm new to the community of Mageia.
I installed in trial boot mageia along with opensuse which I use regularly and w7 rarely.
noticed that I can not move or create the status bar in kde, located at the bottom while I normally use it at the top. in suse use right click and create the new bar, unfortunatly in mageya dosnt exist the voice.
I do not work multiple desktops, that is, I created them but I can not exchange them. not even with an icon on the menu bar.
do you think it's a bug?
thank a lot

Is there a software manager for mageia where you can get new software?

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524 packages upgraded today

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Kernel and microcode patch against Spectre / Meltdown.

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Hi everyone ! Happy new year for those who follow this calendar ;-).
My mageia 6 did not receive the updated kernel. Any date for this update ?

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Dear all,

I am curious about how KDE/Mageia works, in accssing SMB in Dolphin

The Dolphin, says " Unable to find any workgroups in your local network. This might be caused by an enabled firewall._ " .

I do not know which firewall.

Fortunately, Samba works with Thunar.
So I can continue my task.
Also works in command line.
As shown in this figure below.

I don't know of there is a missing libraries.
Samba in Dolphin works well three days ago.

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