is eating leftover boiled easter eggs when... ((open rp))

Name: The Doctor
Relatives: None
Gender male
Occupation: Time Lord!

Bio: Hello! and welcome! Right then, let's get on with it shall we? I am a time traveling alien who has taken human form. I am now in my 9th incarnation. I am master of the TARDIS, though the ship can have a mind of its own at times. My travels are unlimited and I make my way across time and space as I please! Want to see something extraordinary? Then take my hand, and let's be off shall we?

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I was having an argument with Jenny and she said bowties were tacky. I said they were not, and that they went well with fezzes. I said this is what would have to happen if she wanted me and Eleven to stop wearing the awesomeness commonly known as fezzes and bowties!

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name: Pestilence Lord of Disease
manifestations: any diseased creature
age: ???
origin: ???
siblings: War,Famine, and Death
powers: able to plague any creature as well as take control of any diseased creature, can cure disease (but wont) also able to create/ revive any disease
dislikes: doctors, and the genetically immune
relations to The Doctor: met him several times however he is genetically immune to any of my plagues
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Name: Amy Pond
Age: ?
Powers: It Depends
Likes: Rory Williams and Dr.Who
Dislikes: Aliens and Monsters
Family:  Rory Williams and River Song
Bio:  -->
I was The Girl Who Waited for The Doctor for 14 years... Rory Williams thought that he was The Raggedy Man. I've been on universal adventures and died in WINTER QUAY! In this version, I'm as alive as ever!

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+Emma Pond  Come join! +Zia Spidey  Ditto...

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