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Name: Amator
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Species: Human, Civilian
Bio: Amator was named by Nasuada and he is very sweet. Amator was abandoned as a child and did whatever he could to survive. He felt empty, but not depressed, so now he travels all over the world looking for a reason to live. Amator is a very sweet and selfless boy, which often leads to him getting used or beat up for supplies or money. When he was 12, Amator made a which very angry by saving a victim of the which, so the which cursed him to wear he feels a lot of physical and spiritual pain. However, it gives him magic.
Abilities: Magic User
Personality: Sweet, selfless, and he has a very high tolerance level.
Likes/Hobbies: Traveling, sightseeing, stargazing, helping people.
Dislikes: Bullying, neglect, abuse, abandonment.
Crush/Lover: Nasuada
Motto or Theme Song: Bloom (The Paper Kites)

(Private rp for +Illusion)

The beating is starting to hurt now. Countless bruises cover the platinum blonde. Icey blue eyes look out to no where. By now, the boy was used to the pain. just take my money already. There’s no point to your senseless beating thought the poor boy.

This is an AU roleplay, meaning that the Temporal realm doesn't exist, and we live in the real realm, but do have extraordinary gifts we keep hidden.(Much like real life to think about it, I just wanted to say I'm so glad to

Perhaps you heard this kind of story before, a shy kid going into a new school, where everything turns out in the end and he gets by?

The Police Sirens Wail in the Distance

Nah, this story isn't just about me, it's about another, much like me, but very Different all the same...This is a story about life, Hate, Love, and all the things in between on this journey to find Happiness, something not many can say they have in this day and age.

Kayde got up on the rail to the bridge, He could faintly hear the water below, they would find him soon, soon he would wake up, all he needed to do was Jump, and everything would be okay.
As the Cold water rushed over his body, warm Blood drifted out into the water.

"Kayde get up you got School today!" The alarm.
*I got up and stretched, turning off my alarm and changing into my usual outfit,
"Just another day, except School"*

Later that morning

"Okay Class, we have some good news, a new Student today! Son would you please?"
The Kid walked out in front of the class, keeping his head down, he was skinny but tall, the most notable thing about him was his poorly trimmed, unkempt hair, but somehow it worked, he wore brown camo pants and a pure white shirt with a black insignia with the band name "MCR" on it.
"Your name son?" Mister Essler asked, the Kid mumbled for a moment then took his backpack off.
"Speak louder son, for the class."
The Kid bit his lip then spoke louder.
"I said My Name Is Kayde"
Mister Essler nodded.
"Is there anything you would like to say to the class?"
The Kid nodded his head and Quietly asked to be excused.
Kayde then moved over and sat down at his seat, looking down so his hair fell in front of his face.

"Well Mister Kayde, you will be glad to know you have a few moments to Fill out your Student forum, as a member of our class seems to be late." Essler took out a notebook and gave Kayde a paper to fill out along with some other forums, The seat in front of Kayde was empty, and it looked like someone had drawn on it, Kayde looked closer and saw foul words Drawn in chalk, He leaned forward and began rubbing the words off when the door to the class burst open, the owner of the seat glaring down at the new kid behind him.

Au Roleplay? The common Day City of Chicago?
This is up for debate, I will make the start if you want.

+Illusion Continuation!

Kayde was being dragged away by the Nightmares, they were already working on getting as many out as possible.

"You may test me Fangari! But it will be on MY terms in this Arena! You and You alone will Challenge, If I win you let these bystanders go, and if you win you may claim my life and if we Draw its the same terms, you let the bystanders Go." the Two sides of Hunhow and Henry said in unison.

No...Dante's Color is Fading...I can't run away from him, I can't let his color drain.
Everything around Kayde faded, he struggled and freed himself from their grasp.
"DANTE!" Kayde called, Kayde watched the color slowly draining from Dante, Kayde's own simple outline was turning red around the fists.
and for once in a very long time, Kayde felt something in his chest.
_Thump Thump
Thump Thump_

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((Happy fall! For +It'sJustToxix ; Muffin.))

Klaus flinched, staring off into the distance over Zadie' shoulder. Cato? he asked, struggling out of Zadie's grip. What are you doing here? Flux stood behind the girls, quiet as he held a bag of gifts in his hands with a huge smile.
((Why do I always have to make the new starters. Muffin.))

Klaus shook his head before Liefr even finished his sentence. I don't hate you, he sniffed, wiping one blind eye, then another. It barely did anything against the onslaught of tears. You're no fool. You're an idiot and you're the best idiot I've ever met, he blubbered, cracking a smile at seeing Liefr finally warm up a bit, even if it was through a film of tears and without seeing at all.

Has anyone else realized how there is barely any posting in this community anymore?

(( For +SilverMoon.))

Two cloaked figures sat atop a roof in the main hall of a large village surrounded by walls. The citizens were bustling around and having small conversations. Some carrying plants or meat others carrying building supplies. The two figures watched as people past by unaware of death breathing down their necks. The figures jumped from roof to roof laying small stones or pebbles on each as they headed towards the village wall. They jumped from roof to roof so quickly they only appeared as blurs. They reached the wall and climbed to the top, they stood right above the only exit and entrance to the village and stared down at the closed gates. One of the two pulled off their hood and mask and smiled at the other. "See! That was so easy, and we'll get so much money for this." The other figure pulled back their hood and took off their mask. The first had bright gingery blond hair that was as wavy as the ocean. He had sky blue eyes a fair tan and a scar running though his bottom lip and up to his top lip. The second man was completely opposite, he had black straight and sleek hair, dark blue almost black eyes, pale skin, and a scar running from the top o his eyes socket to his cheek. "If you knew any better I'd say this was a stupid and easy mission Sebastian." The second man stated.
"Oh come on Vik! It's not that bad." Sebastian frowned and clapped his hands. Behind them all the small stones and pebbles exploded and started to burn the houses around them. "We just have to make sure no one gets out and everyone dies and we get 12, 000 Drach." Sebastian smiles and wraps an arm around Vik's neck.
"Yes I know, we still have to be careful though." Vik replies coldly his eyes focused on the burning village. While they were talking they didn't notice the exit doors below them opening and the people rushing out of the village. See! This is what happens when we start talking." Vik said annoyed at his brothers continuos arrogance. They both put their masks and good back on and jumped down below and blocked the villagers path to life. Vik pulled out a black blade with gold embedded in the hilt. Sebastian pulled out a long and glowing dagger. They both charged the villagers and started to slaughter every man woman and child who walked out of the exit. As they were doing so they didn't notice you walking down the path towards them.

((It's almost a year's anniversary of these two! +It'sJustToxix))

But we've warmed this one up, Flux pointed out, patting the mattress. Whatever you say, though. He hopped off the bed and hopped onto the other one, squishing himself up against the wall and clambering under the covers.
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