Are we considering a meet-up prior to or during this month's online discussion? It got bumped to a Sunday which makes attending easier, but of course that's also during the potential hurricane.

Hi! I love the VF book club and would like to join your next Google+ hangout for Rosemary Rue.    

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We haven't gotten together in a while!  This looks like it could be a fun event for the group, especially the Outlander lovers among us...
What to y'all think?

James Marsters.  Awesome Con.  Discuss!

So, April is nearly half over already! I can't believe it! Anyone up for a meeting sometime this month?

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Hi all - the Mothership Online Discussion is Tonight at 10 pm ET (which is in 4 minutes...sorry :P )
We discuss Sci-Fi novel Fortune's Pawn on my romance book club Vaginal Fantasy tonight, with guest Phil Plait! 7pm PST livestream!

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Greetings fellow Triangles! The Quest to Meetup continues despite the perils of work and life (can't we have just a bit of peril? No, it's too perilous!). The end of February quickly approaches!

Our last remaining date that most voters could attend in February was the 28th. In the comments below, I'll add one comment for each of 6 upcoming dates. +1 the date if it works for you. We will discuss whatever books are relevant on whatever date ends up working!

Also, there's been a suggestion to visit a tea room. What do you think of ? Comments? Suggestions for other locations? Say so in the comments?

Howdy! It looks like this Sunday, February 8 between 5 and 10 pm works best for folks. (we have some runner ups, though, if this Sunday falls through). What we need now is a place to meet up.

There's a restaurant that I know of that's about a 40 min drive from Manassas, Baltimore and the Gaithersburg/Germantown area: that's the Irish Inn at Glen Echo (6119 Tulane Avenue, Glen Echo, MD 20812) BUT it's not very near a Metro station, it's only roughly equidistant from where some of us live.

I just went to the Rock Bottom Brewery (potentially book relevant name??) in Bethesda and enjoyed it. The address is 7900 Norfolk Avenue, Bethesda, MD 20814 and it's a 0.4 mile walk from the Bethesda metro.

Let me know of any other suggestions! :D

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Hey y'all! In the interests of collaborating for a February meetup date/time, I created a Doodle here: Please go vote on what dates/times are best for you! Keep in mind that the 14th is Valentine's Day and eating establishments will be full. Also, I definitely intend for the times to be flexible here. We can decide on a meeting place when we have a majority vote :D
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