......wow hamilton has the least ships of any fandom........fucking cool :D

John pulled Peggy to the side of the cafe and quickly signed out something way to fast, then his eyes started to tear

-Closed to +Sketty Draws -

(Open roleplay, lams!)

John Lauren smiled, looking over at the clock, the class was almost over. He started packing his bag up and putting his laptop away. John was normal in every way but- he was mute

((LAMS, I will be John))

John, at a lose for words, soon let himself wonder into Alex's eyes. They were so beautiful, so peaceful, everything about Alex was Beautiful and Peaceful. God John wanted to tell Alex how he felt but how?

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James settled to the ground with quick, but also short movements (He IS part pigeon after all) and tilted his head to the side. His feathered hands brushing at the ground around him as he shook slightly, his face carrying his normally sad expression

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Jefferson sat over talking about Hamilton debt plan in a un-formal manner. Lafayette concerned when Hamilton pulled out a bat told Jefferson to watch out. John sat back cheering Hamilton on.

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//I'm so sorry//
((Oof yet another Ham4Ham Hamilton rp))
((You could be literally anyone, including Hercules))
((Just to for a warning these types of pets are to refer to their owners as 'Master' or their actual name if given permission))
((Don't gotta be sexual on any sort of format))

Hercules waited on the couch for you to come home, a slightly sad look on his face as his tail swayed slightly, the sound of the clock tiring and annoying him. The sound of keys jingled in the door and his ears perked up and a happy grin spreading on his face. You opened the door just to be tackled by the 260 pound creature from over excitement. His tail swayed violently, almost like a whip if you must
"You're finally hooooooooooooooooooome!!!!!"
You then...

((Lolol short starter BUT just to be clear he has a dog's legs, so he has double knees etc. Etc.))
((Pls ask for pp if you want to roleplay))
((Repeated: Don't gotta be sexual on any sort of format))

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((Lolol Hamilton rp becuz Frick u))
((You can be anyone, even Aaron, IDC, just ask for pp pls))
A sudden thud was heard in your house which startled you awake. You quickly sat up in bed and rushed to where you heard quiet curses, which surprisingly led to the bathroom. You opened the door to see... A man? He looked to be dressed in an old fashioned demeanor and mortally confused about everything. He spoke calmly, though

"Where... Where am I? What year is it? This doesn't look like my time...&

You didn't know how to respond, so you began to stammer

"U-Uh... 20-201- 18..?"

You were completely confused. Deciding it would be best to get him out of there, you led him to the living room where you got some ice cream. He looked at you with his eyebrows knitted together. You laughed a bit and smiled

"It's called ice cream... Want some?"

He hesitantly agreed and you gave him a small bowl full of it. He ate it a bit too fast and dropped the bowl, holding his head in pain

"Am... Am I dying?"

You then...

Can we be oc's. If so can I make an oc that is Hamilton's sister.

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Name: Aliana Jefferson
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Monticello, Virginia
Place of Residence: Charlottesville, Virginia
•Unknown mother
•Unknown father
•Thomas Jefferson (Adopted father)
•Martha Jefferson (Adopted mother)
Bio: Aliana was born to two unknown parents. Her father and the then Secretary of State, Thomas Jefferson, were close friends, so Aliana grew up knowing Thomas and becoming close to him at a young age. When she was 6 years old her parents died in a fire and Thomas, fulfilling a promise he had made years ago to the girl's parents, took her in and raised her as his own daughter. He taught her to read and write, and he protected her from the harsh world they lived in at the time. He kept her safe and happy, but when the time came for her to find a suitor it was tough for the both of them, so he continued to protect her until they could find someone suitable for her.
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