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Just discovered this "200 Word RPG Challenge".

What a cool idea.

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Best cooperative board games?
(I thought back stabbing was half the fun of gaming ;) )

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What's the worse that could happen?

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Hey, I saw this article the other day about making better use of dice.

I can't help wondering what kind of game we could come up with if we put our heads together just using the basic idea that bigger numbers aren't necessarily better (and no cheating by just inverting the numbers and saying lower numbers are better, like golf).

All numbers are equal, but some numbers are more equal than others?

(I think I'm doing a brain dump here)

Another idea I had was a very simple RPG.
One problem Frive suffers is that we don't play very often (4-5 times a year). It's not often enough to carry a long campaign based RPG.
So I thought about a simple RPG that could be reasonably played in one session.
Obviously it's couldn't be a very in depth game. In fact it might just end up being a single fight being played out (so maybe a strategy game more than an RPG?)

Any ideas?

At first there was darkness.
Then one word brought light, and that word was "Frive".
Coming together on the fifth Friday of every month (Friday + Five = Frive), we play table top games.
Lately I've been wanting to continue the conversation about games even when we aren't playing face to face, so I'm starting this community.

How is it going to work?
I have no idea.

Perhaps the few of us who play in the sessions I've organised can chat here.
Perhaps other people will come to the group and organise their own game sessions.
But the main point is we can talk about stuff here any time we want.
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