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If you have not read the description, I advise you read it.

Hello and welcome to the Ask Little Ol Me community! If you have or had any questions for or about me, just ask here! Although, I do have some rules:
1) If you want an art request, it must be paid in DA points, but if you do not have a DA or points we can do an art trade :3
2) I do not like it when people ask me personal questions about where I live, which school I go to, etc. Please refrain from asking any of that.
3) I will be doing free art requests at random times of the year, so be prepared.
4) I will only answer in drawings, it's much more fun for me! :D
5) Please, have fun!

Here is a great question. Do you play TF2?

This place is totally dead wh-

Do you post gay porn?

Can you bring as much fire as Wendy's did in Twitter?

Feral: What exactly is this place like? ^*^
It has a colorful mood to it...i like it...but may i know more?

What art thy characters!?

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+Fun Time Rainbow Shine​ requests that I post some of my art. Well, here you go!
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Can you put couple pics on here

I know I've been quiet in this community, but I have a trivial question for you. Do you remember how we met each other?

(I'll give you a hint. It was in an Undertale Fan community)
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