Today, for some reason, I'm seeing this:

An error occurred while looking up roles in the group:

for this:

var group = GroupsApp.getGroupByEmail("");

New projects, new files, other groups -- same result.

Can anyone else try and see if you get the same? Something as simple as:

function yadayada() {
var group = GroupsApp.getGroupByEmail("");

I want to take my Google Sheet from last school year that had all my students usernames and passwords and put that into a new sheet that coordinates with the students teachers from this year. It will save me a lot of typing or copy and pasting. Is there an add on that will allow me to simply type the teachers name for this school year next to the students name in the sheet from last year and have it filter the info into the proper sheet for this year?
I tried SheetGo, but I could not find how to filter the sheet to filter names to new teachers.

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Question: can you get blocked for accessing Classroom via a script too much? I have a script for creating Classroom assignments for each row of data in a spreadsheet. For teachers who have lots of small assignments that repeat, this will eventually be a real time saver - but I think I have been blocked. Got this message when I tried to link the script to Classroom.

I am using data studio connected to a Google sheet.

Is there an easy way to do a pie chart with checkboxes.
E.g In a column the responses are
for example but the pie chart selection does the percentage on the combinations rather than the percentage of each individual so 3 should be 50%, 2 33% etc?

Any ideas?

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Do you have Google App Maker questions?
Get them answered during the next Totally UnScripted show!
In fact, the link provides a shared Google Doc to ask your question.

Google Apps Script Dev Flow

Here's a writeup of a GitHub work flow for multiple devs with various things we've picked up along the way.

What do you think? It is a little prescriptive, but they are all things I've found useful, just takes a little concentration and discipline to implement them all (anyone got any further automation??) You should be able to comment in the doc so go crazy!

I am working on building a FREE platform for community learning network for educators similar to edmodo and twiducate. I would be grateful to meet educators and/or developers who have experience on this to share

Hi everyone! Looking for a script/add-on that will send an email every day (or even better just on school days or at least week days) --- what FREE options are out there or is a simple script my best option? Email is just a daily reminder to complete a DPR to our staff Google group with a simple reminder in the subject line - no body text. Thanks!

I know this may sound simple, but if I have a list of email/user names my org, how do I validate them.
I want to ensure that they all exist and have been entered properly. I was going to print out their real names to compare what was populated in a list.

Thanks in advance.

I'm trying to figure out a way of how to make the add-on formRanger to auto-populate my questions with a press of a button. Currently there are only two options and that is 'on form submit' and 'every hour', unfortunately neither of those work for me, I'd like to be able to auto-populate the questions when I want without having to either wait for an hour or fill in and submit the form. Is that possible?
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