Gone Girl (English)

After watching Argo, I kind of was looking forward for next Ben Affleck's movie. From reviews and rating, it seems like Gone Girl is the one.

Two happy married NY based writers, Nick (Ben Affleck) and his wife, Amazing Amy, moved to small town for personal reasons. Soon there marriage run into trouble and on their 5th marriage anniversary Amy disappears. 

Initially it seems like some suspicious activities might have happened and soon it becomes focus of media circus. Police detectives starts serious investigation and one after other evidence reveals that there are series of foul play, all making Nick a prime suspect. Even his own behavior suggest the same. Did he actually killed his wife?

Execution of movie is perfect. Excellent combination of mystery and thrill with drama.

David Fincher yet again created another good movie, but not better then Fight Club/Se7en.

A Tale of Two Sisters (Korean)
This is a horror / tragic film but has beautiful photography and you need to watch it twice to understand the artwork. Most part of the film plays like horror { like Ringu(Japan) } only to realize that it is really not what you think and finally at the end of the film, you feel really sad - a roller coaster of emotions and definitely my all time favorite horror film.

Chocolate (Thai)
Well first of all i am not a big fan of martial arts films and I for one thought that kung fu was the best martial art... But recently i saw Ong Bak (Thailand), it had Muay Thai, a martial art from thailand.. It was astonishing... unbelievable stunts...But I thought it was a one-off film..

Then now i see this film.. Again from the same director.. Only this time, the protagonist is a Girl...and it was her debut film... What a killer performance.. Its all real like the jackie chan films...

Hot Fuzz (English)
There is something about Simon Pegg doing british comedy. For some reason , i just like him. First i saw "run fat boy run" now this. The film not only has good comedy but also great action in the end. keep a watch out for the dialouges.

Hoodwinked! (English)
This is an animation movie.. Now this is not in the same class of Shrek or the Incredibles... Even the animation is not top class...But i loved it... Detective Frog has to find out exactly what had happened... after hearing four different versions from 4 characters..

This is a horror/mystery film. It has a great plot. Though i didnt find it to be in the league of Ringu and Tale of two sisters ( two of my favorite horror films), you will still enjoyed watching it.

Leon (French)
Jean Reno is one of those characters to whom style comes naturally... Argubly one of his best performance... The story is of a unlikely relationship between a young girl(Natalie Portman) and an assasin(Jean Reno). This is also Natalie Portman's first film!

Sweet Rain (Japanese)
This is a slow philosophical movie.. The theme is about Death!.. Its a 3 part story where in the end everything fits together.. I held my patience and watched it till the end.. And it was rewarding.. It has a great message, one that gives you a sense of revelation.. Once again a truly amazing japanese pseudo-classic film..

Thank you for Smoking (English)
Set in the 80s, this is a story about a lobbyist for the dreaded Tobacco industry. "Few people in this world know how is it to feel truly despised" (P.S: This is the first line of the film). The things I really enjoyed were the thought provoking cracking conversations between the protagonist and the son.

Shaun of the Dead! (English)
Well its Simon Pegg.. And this is a burlesque of all those flesh eating, mindless zombie films that you would have enjoyed but you need to pay a bit of attention to grab the humor. 
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