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The full game was released on Google Play this weekend, be sure to check it out!!

Tomorrow I'll (hopefully) release the release candidate version! I'll post here when I do.

My plan is to release BBTV this Friday - not 100% polished but fully playable!

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Instructions for the Beta

What do I need mainly: help me balance the game.

That is, play the game for around 20 game days (approx 1h) on Miami city, and tell me of your progress (learning, cash over time), issues you had, things that were too easy or too hard, etc.

I will use this info you give me to set the goals of the cities (for example "Accumulate $ 1 million in 20 days"). Drop me a line through G+/Hangout.

- general feedback (graphics, bugs, slowness, battery usage, issues on your device, font sizes, typos, grammar, corrupted save, game too boring, too hard, too easy, etc)

Relevant info:
- the game is automatically saved (except on the Tutorial)
- to quit the current game just pause the game (BACK key) and then click on MAIN MENU button.
- play in MIAMI only for now (and the Basic Tutorial)
- the goal doesnt work, so don't worry about the goal and deadline
- please take note of problems and suggestions
- when playing, please observe the progression of your TV over the days to help me set the goal of the stages
- since the Advanced Tutorial and the general Help arent working, you may (or will) be a bit lost, which is good, so take notes of relevant info when you discover them to help me build the tutorial and help

KNOWN Issues:
- ABOUT / SHOP on the main menu doesnt work yet
- Library room (guy with tapes on his hand) isnt implemented yet, but that room isn't relevant so dont worry
- Help on each room isnt implemented (should open when you click on the balloon near the room name)

If you get a 404 when clicking on the links (Opt In or Download), please wait a couple hours and try again.
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