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Hello everyone, I would like to announce that TBF Gaming,Mrspecies7 and myself have joined together to create something we think is awesome. We wanted a way to connect with our subscribers on a more personable level besides comments section on YouTube. MrSpecies7 and TBF are two great dudes and I am proud to call them my friends. Get to know them better and I am sure you will feel the same way as I do :)
We would like to invite you to register for out new forum! You can chat with other members in real time using the shout box feature. You can create your own thread and update it with your gaming photos and promote your YouTube channel and videos.
The forum has a great look and feel to it so if you access it on a mobile device please view in destop mode so you don't miss out on some great features and eye candy.
My mod list for Farming Sim 17 will be on the forum from this point forward.
We will use the forum to make special announcements and offer exclusives to registered members in the near future.
Looking forward to seeing you there!
P.S. I also have plans to reward new members that register early with a custom official supporters icon for their profile. Details on that are soon to follow and will be announced on the forum.
Thank you!
Come check us out here:

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Hello everyone, Here we are on the beautiful Coldborough Park Farm. I have bee asked to come here by Sir Thomas Chellington who is a long time friend of the William Samuels Family. We have a monumental task ahead of us as we have to make some changes to the farm to comply with orders from the Ministry of Agricultural Health and Safety. It's a crooked politics deal but it has to be done. Please join me and lend a hand if you're able.

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Merry Christmas everyone!
Please join me as I use some of Santa's Magic Dust to transform the standard Deutz Fahr 9 series into a beastly Winter Edition Deutz!

Head banging to the music is permitted :D

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Hello everyone, please help me figure out what has happened in the dark of night in Bedfordshire. The legend of the Krampus seems to hold a lot of weight in these parts.
I hope you all have been good. If not well, you need to watch this video, muah ha ha ha.

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Hello everyone, it's time for That Crazy Eustace Giveaway Game Show!
Tune in to see who our lucky winner is for a copy of Farming Simulator 17.

We also have a special guest speaker call in! There's fun for everyone on this show so please join me one and all!

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Hello everyone, please join me for a holiday treat as we chill to a christmas hip hop beat.
A quick flight over a beautiful wonderland of snow awaits you on the Goldcrest Snow map!

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Hello everyone, in this episode the Babineaux brothers( Dominique and Guillaume) send me to do a job for a local small farmer- Monsieur Du Bois. In exchange he will give us some of his sugar beets to feed our pigs. This is the first of 3 jobs we will do for Monsieur Du Bois. Please join me and at the end of video I show you inside my cabin and we read comments posted by all you awesome subscribers from episode 2 of Old Streams.

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Chellington 17-Episode 1-The Arrival

Hello everyone, In this episode I arrive in Bedfordshire at Chellington Farm to help out a family friend Sir Thomas Chellington. There's an interesting back story. Please join me and I hope you enjoy!
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