Dear students, I know this community is inactive but I want to say Thank you for joining it. I'm opening a new community about an anime hotel, stay tuned.

Principal Zailyn Adlerflugel

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I know that this is irrelevant about our community... but WHO CARES ! XD

Can we do another exercise like the last one, Ms Starfall ?

Hi fellow students, This is the Principal speaking here. Students includes Pink Diamond,Frost Sky,WaterFire and Beautishy. Now the teacher form will be out soon. Good luck since an flight exam will be out. ~Principal

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So Here Is My CD Form. I hope You Like it

What should we do now, Mrs Starfall ?

Starfall, do not forget that you have to come to my house tomorrow. Call me by 9:00

I am not a pegasus so why an I in cloudstale academy? Please tell me

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A form about my oc Beautishy for the Cloudsdale Academy Of Flight. Hope you like it. ;D
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