Largest single-game RP community on G+? Overtook Fate Core a week or so back...

Just had our first IC session of Blades tonight, and it was an absolute blast. I'm pretty sure I forgot to properly assign position and effect due to tier, so our intrepid band of smugglers got away basically scot-free.

But we're all learning this together, so it's okay.

The only real problem I have is that I need more Blades in my life. Confound you, +John Harper, for making such a delightful game that scratches all of the itches I never knew I had!

So, to the point at long last: for those of you who've tried it, how does BitD fare in play-by-post? I'm considering running a game over on Mythweavers, as I absolutely cannot cram any more IRL/IRC games into my schedule, but I'm not certain how easily the fast-paced nature of Blades will translate to the typically slow speed of play-by-post gaming.

Watching the play session on Rollplay. I'm not sure if I'm sold on the system yet, but the setting is AMAZING!

For +Andrew Shields and other experienced Blades GMs. In John's actual play videos, sometimes setting Position and Effect, then determining bonus dice, can seem ponderous. I understand that some of this is learning and explaining game for the audience. Does this move fast in play?

Can anyone share their experiences with Fortune rolls in practice?

Reading the final version, and I feel like I'm not getting its interaction with the positioning/effect system.

Some examples of where I'm confused.

1) Fortune sample, pg 35, with shooting Bazso Baz. It seems like the 4/5 roll should already determine that it was success with a complication - why does the Fortune roll come into play to determine that the target lives? Doesn't the 4/5 outcome roll already cover this? This feels like it's essentially giving the NPC a Resistance roll, which I took to be a unique feature of the PC's (stress -> push/resist). It seems weird that the player rolled a 4/5 to Hunt the target, and then the target, what, can roll a 6 to live? Or a 1? It seems like the Fortune roll is taking over the resolution mechanic that already got rolled.

2) pg 43, using Fortune to determine the impact of attire? That seems random - it's not an uncertainty, right? The attire presumably affects a Sway or Consort or Command roll, and should alter effect: it's not actually uncertain to the players whether his coat is actually a boon or just scoundrel-chic, right? It doesn't have a mechanical impact /outside/ of those actions, does it? So what's this Fortune roll do? Is it more like, "this coat's super... uh, stylish, but I don't know whether that suits this person's taste really well, or is a huge turn-off. I'll roll to see whether this is an advantage or a disadvantage"?

3) pg 66, a suppressed enemy rolling Fortune to see if they maneuver/attack. Again, it seems like if you're skirmishing with the gang, and they're suppressed, you've turned your actions into controlled and theirs into desperate - right, it's built in? So again, I don't get where the built-in positioning mechanism gives over to Fortune.

It seems like the examples that keep coming up in the book are all built-in to P/E, and I wouldn't have even thought of using fortune for them... except the examples repeatedly call for it.

For the folks who've been playtesting for a while, how much do you use Fortune rolls? How much does it interact with P/E?

What props or organizational aids do you use at your table?

I'm starting a campaign soon, and intend to use note cards to keep track of NPCs, factions, and Dramatic Questions, keeping them out on the table for everyone to see.

I also want to get a large printed copy of the Duskvol map, and maybe print some of the black and white art, for mood/set dressing.

What sort of things do you use at your table? Anything that you've found to work especially well? Anything that you thought would work well and was just meh?

I kind of want to rewrite all the xp triggers to be this:

You did your job!
You roleplayed your character!
Your troubles gave you trouble!


Does anyone have any recommendations for running Blades as a one shot? I understand its not using the system to its full potential but I feel it still has a lot to offer. 

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Audiobooks of Episode 14, Parts 1 to 4 are up.
I highly recommend watching the Bloodletters Youtube series, GMed by +John Harper with a stellar cast of players.

I converted the whole video series into audiobooks so I can listen to them while travelling and doing chores. You can download each session as a separate audio-only file from here:

FYI the playlist of the Bloodletters Youtube videos:


Whoops! Did something happen to +John Harper​ and +Sean Nittner​ 's AMA video?

I started watching it on Friday, but now it seems to have vanished...

Thanks! :-) 
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