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I have an old copy of faction tracker detailing possible faction actions, etc. Is there a newer version anywhere?

A question arose during my last game : if you need to do an action roll to gather information, what happens ? Is it just like a fortune roll except the player use an action rating or does the GM have to determine a position and effect ? Most precisely can the character face consequences ?

How would you approach creating works of art, especially painting in Blades? Crafting seems the obvious choice, but I can't work out whether Tinker or Finesse would be more suited to painting. 

First of all, so happy to have the hardcover in my hands. Such a beautiful book, so happy.

Next of all, is there a post, website, link, or other source that has a list of all the digital stuff that has been released so far after the Kickstarter? I admit I tuned out of the Kickstarter messages while waiting for the hardcover book, but now I want to make sure I haven't missed anything. By my count, there are 23 different rewards beyond the actual rulebook and base materials.

EDIT: I am referring to things that were unlocked as Kickstarter rewards but would NOT be on the Evil Hat download page. That's less than 23 things, because some of those things are already in the rulebook.

EDIT2: Also, again, holy crap, so happy with this. I'm not impatient on that other stuff, I'm confident in it arriving in the fullness of time and already have my money's worth. Just want to make sure I haven't missed something.

Shipping Update (Updated 6/22)

Greetings scoundrels, I wanted to let you know where all the books that we know about are (the ones we don't know about were claimed by Lord Scurlock and we're not asking him any questions):

US Orders

* Standard edition (only) orders are all shipped and now in retail stores. We have tracking numbers for these available on request.
* Special edition orders (and orders that include both standard and special edition) are complete. Tracking numbers have been sent out by email. If you haven't received yours, check your spam filter.

Canada Orders

All books (standard and special) have shipped. Woo, Starlit! Tracking numbers available on request.

Other international locations

GameQuest has shipped out all the international orders and emailed all tracking numbers. Unfortunately about 200 of the shipments were sent using carriers that don't provide tracking, so in those instances the emails just indicate that the package was sent but there is no tracking information available.

If you're one of these recipients, you may want to determine the average time to get a parcel form the UK and base your estimates on when the orders should arrive on that.

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My custom form-fillable sheets have been completely updated. I shuffled some stuff around, so now there's room for veteran advances, the crew-specific gear is in the same column as the standard gear, and there's room to add new contacts/friends/rivals/enemies/etc. I've done similar work on the crew sheets as well. They are available on my public Dropbox page:

as well as my brand new website (along with the other character sheets I've done over the years):

Share and Enjoy.

-- Ben

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Today is the last day to pre-order Blades in the Dark

Hi all,

We're shutting down the pre-orders today and will be resuming normal orders on the Evil Hat webstore once all the backers/pre-orders have been sent out.

If you want to preorder a copy and haven't yet already do it today at

After today you can get a copy of Blades in the Dark either by:

* Purchasing the PDF on DriveThru:
* Wait till it is available for retail purchase either on our webstore ( or through your Friendly Local Gaming Store.

Important info for Backers

We still have 97 Kickstarter backers who haven't completed their BackerKit survey. Those shipments won't go out until the surveys are completed.

We have 14 credit cards that still haven't gone through. Those shipments won't go out until the cards are processed.


Alliance will start shipping out domestic orders of Standard Edition this week! International orders will take about two more weeks to process as we're using freight forwarders to keep the shipping costs from being ludicrous.

Special editions are still being printed out and are due to Alliance by 5/12 and will start shipping after that.

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People were asking for the updated playbooks Sheet. I think I got all of 8.1 in there; let me know if you catch anything though.

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Today is the last day to pre-order the special edition!

We closed down the BackerKit last night and just realized that we never announced we were going to do that in this group! Many apologies!

To make it up, we're re-opening the pre-orders for just one day. If you'd like to get the special edition of Blades in the Dark (with an amazing not-for-retail cover and the U'Duasha content) you can get it here until midnight tonight!

After that the standard edition hardcover will be available online and in retail stores once the book is printed!

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