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Making a game Forged in the Dark? Looking for a publisher?

If so, ping me. Evil Hat is interested in publishing more games that are based on the Blade in the Dark ruleset, i.e. Forged in the Dark.

What we're looking for:

- Complete or near-complete games that have been thoroughly playtested.
- Game manuscript in plain text format (not in layout).
- Setting/genre that would fit in Evil Hat product lines.
- Some mock ups of character and crew sheets as a point of reference for the graphic designer to work from.
- Ideas about layout and art aesthetic (including artists you have in mind).
- A willingness to work with us on all aspects of the game as we go through the editing, layout, proofing, art direction, and indexing to get it ready for print.
- A partner in marketing the game along-side us by playing it online, at conventions, with local groups and generally building the excitement that comes from play.

Services we provide:

- Finishing (we have a stable of talent to do editing, layout, art, proofing, indexing, etc).
- Project Management (we'll work with you as well as all the staff assigned to the project to complete the game and make sure it meets our standard of production quality, which is pretty damn high).
- Marketing (this is co-operative aspect. EHP will use our marketing engine but the most ardent fans will always come from you).
- Manufacturing (developing the print spec, getting quotes, proofs, and working with the printer to complete the book).
- Fulfillment (delivery to wholesale, direct vendors like IPR, and backers/pre-order customers, along with the customer service and ongoing inventory supply management needed).

We've worked with +John Harper to publish Blades in the Dark and we couldn't be happier with what a great game it is. We want to work with you to make even more of them. In fact, we already may be working with some of you now ;)

Ping me and let me know if you're interested! seannittner at gmail.

Questions about Blades in the Dark licencing

Check out all the info about using the Blades SRD here:

Have to say: I will miss you, friendly people of g+. Thanks for the advice, feedback and for the good time. I hope we'll meet again on other platforms or in real life.

Is there a mechanical way that crews gain new favorite contacts, or is it just through play?

After about a 2 month hiatus, my Blades group is finally going to resume next week! The Holiday Season always messes up my gaming schedule :(

I tend to struggle to engage the players after they've been away for so long. Does anyone have any hot tips for getting the action rolling? My first instinct is to just jump right back into it, but inevitably there's gonna be dozens of questions about "what happened with this?" or "who's that guy again?" or the worst one "why are we doing this?"

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

We're getting close to the end game for our current campaign, with the Ghost Runners crew.

A number of PCs are approaching their various "end-games", including one which will be the culmination of clocks hitting triple digits (total).

We'll then set up a new crew, and start over, in the aftermath of this game.

But I thought I'd share the job names they came up with, some 34 jobs and counting, in honour of the crew, and the players' love of pun names.

1. Misery Loves Company (Deception)
2. Lost and Pound (Assault)
3. The Haunted Hunter (Occult)
4. Spirited Away (Deception)
5. A Murder of Crows (Transport)
6. "D"-escalation (Deception)
7. "Loch"-in (Social)
8. The Ulf Bomb (Deception)
9. I Haven't the Foggiest (Stealth)
10. Fire and Honey (Stealth)
11. Exeunt Mr Snips, Pursued by Ghosts (Stealth)
12. Barrels of Fun (Transport)
13. The Grey Cloak Blues (Social)
14. Watch that Final Step, it's a Doozy (Stealth)
15. There's a Bug in my Bustle (Deception)
16. Saved by the Bell (Occult)
17. It's Just Bees-ness (Social)
18. The Burt Reynolds Memorial Smokey and the Bandit Episode (Deception)
19. Storm in a Sea Cup (Stealth)
20. A Catalogue of Errors (Deception)
21. Strang- Bedfellows (Social)
22. Binder's 9 (Deception)
23. It's not Business, Just Personal (Deception)
24. You Must Destruct Additional Pylons (Assault)
25. You're Booked (Deception)
26. "Lightening" the Load (Stealth)
27. A Trainy Exercise (Transport)
28. Mission Implausible (Stealth)
29. Affray at the Races (Social)
30. I Haven't the Foggiest - Part II (Deception)
31. One of our Leviathan Hunters is Missing (Deception)
32. Echo Location (Stealth)
33. Seeing Double (Stealth)
34. Fleecing the Fleet (Stealth)

My thanks to our main PCs:
- Lord Timoth Danfield (aka Mr Tick Tock)
- Bug (and her ferret, Mr Snips)
- Sable "D" Kindheart (maker of... replicants?)
- Binder (who will ritually kill his tribe and bind a Leviathan)

... and the extras who the players have also played:
- Jeremy (a Danfield family retainer)
- Echo (who has had his uncle's ghost bound to him)
- Darcy "the Nite!" (who will marry D)
- Glass (the bartender)

Those job sheets are so good for recapping a game!

I'm looking at running Band of Blades this week. We're very familiar with Blades and I've had a quick read-through of the 2 books. I think it's gonna take a session or 2 to get to grips with this one regardless.

I know there's rumour of an update coming soon so I'm wondering if it's worth printing it all out now and starting a new game, or should I wait a bit?

+Stras Acimovic

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Dear Internet,

I'm itching to play A Nocturne. Like-minded folks, don't be shy.

I'm a bit confused. Several places I've seen people mention that Veteran only has 3 dots for cosmetic reasons, but I'm failing to find a source for that.
Someone help?

Has there been any word about City of Red Waters being available to non-Kickstarter Backers? I am desperate to check it out.

Has there been any discussion on the value of leviathan blood? Interwebs searches have not been terribly fruitful. Any suggestions welcome!
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