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Shipping Update (Updated 6/22)

Greetings scoundrels, I wanted to let you know where all the books that we know about are (the ones we don't know about were claimed by Lord Scurlock and we're not asking him any questions):

US Orders

* Standard edition (only) orders are all shipped and now in retail stores. We have tracking numbers for these available on request.
* Special edition orders (and orders that include both standard and special edition) are complete. Tracking numbers have been sent out by email. If you haven't received yours, check your spam filter.

Canada Orders

All books (standard and special) have shipped. Woo, Starlit! Tracking numbers available on request.

Other international locations

GameQuest has shipped out all the international orders and emailed all tracking numbers. Unfortunately about 200 of the shipments were sent using carriers that don't provide tracking, so in those instances the emails just indicate that the package was sent but there is no tracking information available.

If you're one of these recipients, you may want to determine the average time to get a parcel form the UK and base your estimates on when the orders should arrive on that.

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It has arrived! And it's beautiful to behold!

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Played a first session with +Robert Bohl, +Pete Cornell and +Jason Bowell.

In which the Wobbegong Crew steal prisoners off of a City Watch Prison Barge, sticking a thumb in the eye of the Bluecoats. They get their take and then some. 

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The books have finally made it to Estonia. For some reason my contact information got lost during transit, so after manically refreshing the tracking page and noticing a failed delivery, I consorted with DPD proactively and managed to acquire the Goods on the same day. Season 2 of our multi-GM game is already underway and I see many more to come. Thanks, +John Harper​​ et al. for creating my favourite game just when I needed it the most! 

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That's what I'm talking about

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I'm going to run my first game of Blades in the Dark next Monday, but only 2 of my PCs can make it. I joking stated that we'll just have their third member in Ironhook Prison this first week and he'll be released when we play next. All agreed.

Now, I'm thinking that their first score is to do a job for the Gray Cloaks, who say that they can get their buddy out of Ironhook Prison. :)

Could someone please be so kind and tell my the name of Lord Strangford's Leviathan Hunter ship? My searching abilities have left me and I'm pretty sure it's here somewhere...? Please?
Thanks for the time and effort.

Hey fellow scoundrels!
I've bought the Blades in the Dark PDF from DriveThroughRPG yesterday and looked through this awesome book! I simply love it.
But some of the pdf stretch goals from the kickstarter are not in this book. Do I miss something, because I thought everything would be included in the PDF for 20 Dollars?

Not doing great at using the search function or maybe this is an obvious answer buuut.... Can NPC's "assist?" I understand they can protect, participate in group rolls, or do a setup, but can they Assist in a roll? It feels like a silly question but they don't take stress, and I can't help but fall back on a group roll with them.
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