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Blades in the Dark Full Release (v8)
The complete game book is now ready!

Pre-order a physical book here: (you'll get access to the PDF right away)

Get a digital-only version here:

Download sheets here:

I kind of want to rewrite all the xp triggers to be this:

You did your job!
You roleplayed your character!
Your troubles gave you trouble!


Does anyone have any recommendations for running Blades as a one shot? I understand its not using the system to its full potential but I feel it still has a lot to offer. 

What props or organizational aids do you use at your table?

I'm starting a campaign soon, and intend to use note cards to keep track of NPCs, factions, and Dramatic Questions, keeping them out on the table for everyone to see.

I also want to get a large printed copy of the Duskvol map, and maybe print some of the black and white art, for mood/set dressing.

What sort of things do you use at your table? Anything that you've found to work especially well? Anything that you thought would work well and was just meh?

Crew: first timers working together (no crew sheet established, no benefits to go along with it).

-Hook, a Whisper, a sometime student at the College of Immortal Studies (+Jamesbot9000)
-Needle, a Lurk, local streetkid and drunken lout (+Mike Leavitt)
-Echo, a Hound, Severosi mercenary tracker (+Jonathan McGraw)

We used the War in Crow's Foot as our jumping-off point. Baszo invited all of them individually; his war with the Red Sashes had escalated such that he couldn't spare the manpower to chase down a lead. Convinced the Sashes were being funded by the Iruvian government, he wanted the Crew to investigate the consulate, find proof of his theory, and "deal with the situation."

[cut to outside the consulate]

The Whisper attunes to the local ghost field, and summons a vengeful spirit that lives in the nearby canal, bound there since a union strike was lethally put down by the Bluecoats in the time before the Spirit Wardens. He Compels the ghost to enter the consulate and kill guards inside, then joins the Lurk and Houndin a group Prowl over the roof, onto the rooftop, and inside. Flashbacks confirm this open window belongs to the ambassador, and a little Study locates a ledger with strikingly vague payouts. Another flashback shows that the ambassador hasn't left the grounds yet, confirming he keeps chambers and does business by night.

Two of the Crew don the uniforms of guards scared to death by the ghost, and make their way to the ambassador's chambers. Claiming to have captured the intruder, they bluff a guard into opening the door, and group Skirmish a giant clusterfuck gunfight that ends with the ambassador and all his security dead, the office looted, our heroes scraped up, loads of Stress, severe Heat, a fat stack of Coin, and the Rep to go along with a bunch of nobodies shooting up an embassy. All of this before we even establish a crew.

Assuming this crew survives more than a session or two, I'm almost afraid to ask what they'll get up to next!

So that damn Leech player is at it again, this time with a character idea that we're working out how to/if we should implement it.

The basic idea is a foppish dandy slide with servants who all count as the one "character." So rather than taking harm himself he would throw his servants in the way and have to replace them.

My gut reaction is to say no and make him take a gang for it, but I have a reputation for being very "literal" with rules and I'd like a second opinion.

My main concern is that as Blades is fictional positioning the game this could lead to confusion about effect down the line. I'm curious what others thoughts are, how you would implement such a character or if there's anything we should watch out for (the harm system immediately springs to mind). It's not that I don't trust my player but we're all new to the system and still figuring things out.

Thanks very much for helping out a blades newbie. :)

Things that are true in our Doskvol thanks to my players, for example:

•Ghosts can manifest incorporeal objects, like books they've owned or even written after death, into physical tangible objects. They also stay sane for longer, but the Spirit Wardens don't care about that. You're a ghost, you belong in a bottle.

•There are small sea demons, like leviathans but much much smaller, inside the lightning barriers. All over the canals. Their blood is even more potent than the giant leviathans, but they're too hard to catch in an industrial manner, and the blood is too useful for research to be used as fuel.

All this in a few sessions, and we're still basically on "Season 0,7", we've not even made the crew yet because not all players have been present at the same time.

Oh, the Spider made a potion out of the pure leviathan blood. Knocked him right out for a week, and now he's not alone in his head. Good times.

Hey folks, I'm terribly new to Google+ but I noticed that for all the crews, their write-ups for contacts come with some potential flavor ideas. However, that flavorful suggestions seem to be missing from the Cults in v.8.

Don't know if this is the right place to be putting this either but to hell with it, I get +1d for pure luck right? :P

Whoops! Did something happen to +John Harper​ and +Sean Nittner​ 's AMA video?

I started watching it on Friday, but now it seems to have vanished...

Thanks! :-) 

What type of plan would a classic bank heist be? Running in, masked, pointing guns at people yelling "Put the money in the bag".
The one most fitting seems "Transport" since you want to get the money from the bank to your lair^^
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