Okay People, SplashClan needs special herbs so I started thinking of herbs. List yours here

Honestar swam to camp. She just went hunting.

Doesn't SplashClan need special herbs?

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+Pie Choko (i was gonna go for deputy but you can deiced!)

Name: Gooserunner

Name Reason:

Goose - Pelt colour similar to a goose

Runner - Fast runner

Gender: Male

Age: 41 Moons

Rank: Warrior (slowly leading up to Senior Warrior)

Clan: Burrowclan

Mother: Zinia

Father: Cormorant

Sibling(S): N/A

Crush: N/A

Mate: Cloudpetal +Famma

Personality: Grumpy, serious, calm, disagreeable, surly, rancorous,

Bio: (cringe old bio for now) Goosekit became a apprentice with Foxkit, Sleetkit and Wolfkit. He revived his mentor, Falconleaf. On one of his training sections a twoleg crossed the bridge however the dog got let lose of the lease a became to chase after the two frighten cats, the dog cough up to Goosepaw and ripped his tail off, after a lot of battling Falconleaf and Goosepaw got away from the dogs grasp. (Will continue work in progress) WILL CHANGE LATER


Art by +Ghostly•Skullys

This board is for talking about what ever you want! As long as it has to do with the community! It is also for owners to post news and updates about the clans.

Name: Needlestar
Name Reason: From the time he was born he was very sharp, always one step ahead of the other kits.
Gender: Male
Age: 43 moons
Rank: Leader
Clan: BurrowClan
Mother: Mosspelt (OPEN for adoption)
Father: Eagleswift (Died by drowning)
Sibling(S): Talonkit (died shortly after birth), Woodpaw (died of sickness), Silverheart (died in battle)
Crush: OPEN (A fine she-cat)
Mate: None
Personality: He is very ambitious and proud, strives to be better than his father who was unloyal. He has a big ego and is sometimes unaware of others feelings. He wants BurrowClan to be the best. He is also very religious and takes Starclan very seriously. He gets a little mad when cats disagree with him. Uses a very stern approach to the cats in the clan.
Bio: He was born to Mosspelt and Eagleswift. He was easily the smartest kit, and was well respected. He had great strength and pride, and that gave his clan and family high hopes. He wanted to be a good warrior and worked hard for it. However, in his time of training, his brother and close friend Woodpaw died of sickness and Needlestar grew a fear of having no friends. He had been having an argument with Woodpaw a few days before and thinks StarClan was punishing him. He tried to work harder to be respected to have love from others, but wasn't quite doing it in the right way. Cats thought he was a good apprentice, but he wanted more. He wanted to be leader. He also soon found out his father was having an affair with a SplashClan cat, after watching him sneak out of camp. Needlestar grew a strong hatred for his father, and didn't want to be associated with him anymore. He told the leader and Eagleswift denied the claims. He constantly argued with his father and tried to get him out of camp. This ended up damaging both of their reputations. One day his father left camp and never came back. He grew to be a warrior and would pick up a lot of tasks and good deeds to be more respected. He wasn't doing this for benefit of other cats. He was doing it for himself and to gain a positive reputation. This ended working and was given an apprentice which he trained well. He was known as the most helpful cat in the clan and was very popular. So after he had apprenticed three other cats, helped the med cat and other warriors, the leader made him deputy. He was even better at that and made the clan much stronger. His patrols were well organized and he would help the leader concentrate in his old age. Sadly, the old leader lost his last life due to bad sickness, and Needlestar was made the new leader. He has so far upheld his tasks, but some cats have suspected suspicious activity from him Needlestar has a plan, and becoming leader was only the first step. Maybe leader ISN'T quite enough...
Appearance: Needlestar is a brown and white patched cat with some slight stripes on his brown patches. He has light blue eyes as well as fairly long claws when it comes to BurrowClan Cats. His pact is faded into his fur fairly well.
Powel level: 8/10
Animals he can shapeshift as: Rabbit, Mouse, Dolphin, Deer, Crab

For all Roleplay that doesn't fall under any other category! Keep inmind this is still clan roleplay, so please don't roleplay as just anything. Roleplay as your characters in other territory locations on the map.

+Earthiee Would you like to help me out with these clans? Could we work together to make rules and applications? If your busy I understand.

This board is for adding new cats or talking about your ocs! Have fun and share your cats!

Hey everyone! It's been I while, I'm going to try to devote more time to this community. Here is the cats in the clans so far:
(This will be constanly updated, plus I added my ocs)

Deputy: Frostleaf
Med Cat:
Med Cat Apprentice: Cherrypaw

Leader: Honeystar
Med Cat:
Med Cat Apprentice:
Apprentices: Coralpaw

Leader: Needlestar
Deputy: Gooserunner
Med Cat:
Med Cat Apprentice:
Warriors: Pinebranch

Leader: Nightstar
Deputy: Smokefeather
Med Cat;
Med Cat Apprentice:

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