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In the Land of Pharaohs and Kings, they said Egypt could never be humbled. -Napoleon Bonaparte

"This is a perfect testing ground for the Hurl Mark 2."

John and the First Rocket Artillery Regiment of the Egypt division of Kronus Industries were on a plateau overlooking what is going to be a rather large confrontation between Angels and Demons, the rest of John's forces were ready to crash the party, so to speak, with an immense amount of Tanks, Helicopters, aircraft, infantry, etc

+Aurum Hayabusa 
+Ten Ten 
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Name: KamiKaze
Likes: Peace, relaxation, nature and her older brother.
Dislikes: Angry people, war, being alone or abandoned.
Age: Unknown
Family: None
Like-family: Yes

Bio: During months of fleeing the war between heaven and hell, she has been alone for about 4-6 years. From that point on she always hid from others until she met her older brother. She is known as a healer since she isn't made for fighting but she can defend herself surprisingly extremely well for a spirit.
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Welcome to the battle~ Here you can decide your fate on the field but don't wait too long or you won't make it. Anyone who enters the field may have up to 4 guardian spirits which is whatever they choose. A healer, messenger, observer and a tactics unit. Each spirit has a amulet for you to summon them with, they can break so use them well.You earn them as you level up but be wise. Also you can have your own party to help you throughout your adventures.
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John Kronus

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Occupation: Founder and Commander of Kronus Industries

Weapons: Automatic Pistol, Uzi

Abilities: A tactical genius, never underestimates his enemies

Bio: John Kronus is Founder and Commander of Kronus Industries, the largest and most powerful resistance movement against the Mythos. His military strength his unparalleled by both other resistance movements and Mytho clans combined. It is based in Chernobyl, where the radiation pockets nullify Mytho powers and ruin long range radio communications, but the underground telegraph lines are still functional. Kronus' ground forces are trained in Krav Maga, and are made up operatives from top notch commando teams across the globe. If anyone, human or Mytho, draws the wrath of Kronus Industries, they better hope they can run really fast.
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