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Welcome to Hetalia: Nations of the World Roleplay community! The Hetalia series is full and I mean "full" of cooky characters for roleplaying. As is such we only want for a single person to roleplay a character, since the cast is so large, this includes genderbends, only one person for each. Your favorite character taken? I'm sure you will be able to find a suitable replacement from this list, if not make your own!

Any character with a slash through has been claimed. Fems will be added as they are claimed. If I missed someone bare with me, there are a lot to remember

Axis Powers:
North Italy
Fem North Italy
Fem Japan

Allied Powers:
Fem France
Fem Russia
Fem Canada

Euro Nations:
South Italy
Fem South Italy
Fem Romania
Fem Portugal
Vatican City

Nordic Nations:

Asian Nations
Hong Kong
South Korea
North Korea
Fem North Korea
United Arab Emirates

Empires/Former Nations:
Roman Empire
Holy Roman Empire
Fem Prussia
Ancient Greece
Ancient Egypt
Golden Horde / Ulus of Jochi

Middle Eastern and African Nations:
Turkey/Ottoman Empire
Fem Turkey/Ottoman Empire
Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Micro Nations:
Nikko Nikko Republic
Hutt River

Down Under Nations:
New Zealand
Ryuku Islands

Western Nations:

General Winter
Mr. Newspaper
Jean d'Arc
Adolf Hitler
Joseph Stalin
Fredrick the Great
Maria Theresa
Mad Queen Joanna
Niccolo Machiavelli
King Henry VIII
Napoleon Bonaparte

Shinatty chan
United Nations
Flying Mint Bunny

Claimed OC Nations:

Seychelles Sat with France during the evening picnic on the 4th of U July °Open°

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European Vacationer Catches Amazing Instant A giant Waterspout Twister Descends In Genoa

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Name~ Fiorella Abigail Vargas ((Likes to be called Abby.)) (Name Means Little Flower, Father's Joy, Steep Hill)

Age~ 16/17 ((Just turned 17)) (I will play her Chibi or her 5 year old child) ((She's really 1,381))

Country/Land~ The Republic Of Venice

Area~ Italy

Family~ Romano: Brother, Italy: Brother, Germany:Brother, Germanic Brothers: Brothers.

Interest~ Loves drawing, animating, animals, people (though she acts like Romano), math, history, fighting, sailing, the ocean, fish, burgers, wurst, beer, wine, and clothing (rare).

Dislikes~ eing called small, being weak, defenseless, cowardly, loud noises, cannons, Napoleon, Turks, and dogs.

Hold-Backs~ Being alone, her strength, love life, and dogs.
She also is horrible in close combat/sea battles. Abby's fall was caused by the sea battle and close combat, since she was already weak enough. She does not like to talk about her past, and sometimes she will bleed for the head remembering horrible memories. She is scared of herself. Also having a long scar on her back. ((Like China, but longer)) Her scar is from Mongol (after the betray). She also has an x-scar on her neck and also another one too.

Long Bow
She learned from her Grandpa Germania. She is amazing with it and still uses it.
Long Sword
Learned from other Grandpa Rome. She is not okay with it..
Steyr M1912/Carcano
Abby learned this from Feli and Lovi. That's all.
Also she is a very good cook, she learned that from France when she was under his rule and also knows to play the flute and a bit of Piano under Austria's rule.

Languages~ French, English, Italian, German, Turkish, Greek, Russian and Norwegian.

Appearance~ A light skinned girl with short dirty-blonde hair. She has the Italian curl on the side Romano does too. She has green and brown eyes or hazel if I have to change them. She wears brown bomber jackets since she was a pilot during WWII and light brown cargo pants. Her shirt is usually white and she wears black army boots. And also a light green scarf.

Personality~ Abby is usually a fun, easy going, happy-go-lucky girl, who loves to put smiles on others faces. However she is like a ticking time bomb, so when she does explode she is scary. Abby never means to hurt anyone ever, however she likes to do it to. Her hobbies include drawing, writing, eating, and complaining. She loves to complain to either Germany or Prussia. Since she likes both of them

Feli~ Another one of her big brothers, though she just calls him Feli. She more or less hates him, like Romano. Never really grew to like them and doesn't care if he was there, there, or even there.

Romano~Her "Father/Big B". He raised her though being that she is
North Italy or Feli's problem. Feli was there for her, but not as much. The day after her fall, Feli, Romano, and Prussia were found trying to find her. (She was at France's at the point)

Austria~Feels betrayed by him, hates him. At the extent they were as close as brother and sister got until the betrayal from him with
France, and Turkey. She hasn't really got over it.
France~She hates him, after what he did. Yet somewhat loves him with a great extent too, like Austria. He taught her how to cook. She loves to cook and now as she lives with Romano and Feli, she misses him.

Turkey~ Really hates him and would like to kick his ass. Hates him more than Mongolia, I mean if she could she cut off dick. OHHH He pretty much was the one to get her done, until she was nothing but a burnt toasted egg.

England~ Doesn't mind him. I mean they are prefect for each other but since he had a "relationship" with France that is not okay with her. She stayed in England for sometime and hated how she was treated so girly. At first mistook her as a guy cross dressing...

Germany~ Loves him. She just does, being Italian she always steals him from Feli, as pay-back. They are so close for big brother and little sister, almost as close as Liechtenstein and Switzerland. Also hides a dark secret for her.  

Russia~ Her love...she was taking in by him after being  tossed around like a beer bottle. He is a bit abusive and she knows that well. It kinda makes her sad and yes he also knows a dark secret for her too.

Mongolia~Back stab her after a treaty, I mean literately back stabbing her and leaving a long wound. However he does really like her and she rather have him decapitated on please. She isn't a country today meaning he could take her over at an mean.

Switzerland~ Her big bruder. She loves him and would die for him. She is so loyal to him. She loves him, she always has even though it's on and off for him. He gave her a scar on her cheek, being x-shaped.

Hungary~ Ohh they made many treaties and she hates her! I mean almost as bad as Turkey. I mean these two cat fight all the fucking time making it hard for Austria to be with them both.

Cyprus~ She took over him for a few years and they maybe fell in love...I can't say it's secret only Turkey and Cyprus know. She denies anything happened. Does that help? No~  

Holy Roman Empire~ He loves her and she gave him a pink rose her bigger brother, Axel, gave her. It's the last pink rose she was ever given and will only pick red roses at France's. Doesn't mean a kiss or two never happened at HRE.

Grandpa Rome~ Loves her, a bit too much. Being his granddaughter he's kinda a stalker, I mean he watches her dress all the time. He's a prev, she hits him all the time.

Germania~ Fought for his granddaughter to and he and her have such a close relationship. She watched him be killed in front of her eyes and she would not stop crying for days.

Prussia~ Her awesome big brother, taught her she is amazing and awesome. However melts down whenever she gets hurt, I mean the day right after news of her being demolished he went right to her capital and was weeping thinking she disappeared.

Wales~ Their drinking buddies and I guess you know what happens. They get a little to drunk and stuff happens like eww.. England says it's a little more than drinking buddies.

Ireland~ They hate each other, and Ireland shows his hate. I mean he will hit her with his weapons and she says she'll shoot him with her bow. They just wanna kill each other for no reason.

Scotland~ Oh, these two are close, he acts like she's his baby sister and she doesn't mind it too bad. Though she rather be called sister, than baby sister, they are pretty okay. They have gotten in a few fights.

Poland~ Her big brother. Ugh where do we start? They are neutral nothing really. She is okay with him and I guess it's all good in the hood. He loves to dress her up.

Lithuania~ Her Big brother, that doesn't do anything weird to her. She acutely remembers him taking somewhat care of her during the Black Plague. Poor Abby couldn't do shit

Estonia~ Is a computer geek like him and even has her own blog. Well blog/vlog. She loves to do that stuff and always beats him in mmo's.

Latvia~Her baby though he's older than him?! She doesn't know that and it's kinda cute, I mean really cute. She babysits him and everything, even cooking sweets for him and the other Baltics.

China~Not really anything special.

Japan~ Same as China.

Twain~Hates her for no reason.

Thailand~Loves him as a crush.

Veit~ That what she calls her, unknown about relationship.

Korea~Closer than best friends. Oh~ Maybe even something else...

USA~ Besties, Closes things ever, for friends. Were amazingly close and grew up together in teens. Also he hides yet another dark secret for little Abby!

Canada~Well she can see him. Notices lil' Canada since she ahem a man from her country found Canada. She met younger than America.

Cuba~ They are smoking buddies, and that's all. It's funny. They smoke pot and other things.

Bio~ She was once a great country, that Grandpa Rome loved. Soon after his fall, Abby was taken care of by her brothers. Abby's country was going great until after so many battles she has little fleets left. France and Austria teamed to capture her and they did. She lost greatly and was taken under control by France and Austria. She hated her time there actually liking her time instead. When she returned to her brothers, her brothers payed no attention to her. Abby, is still very close with Austria, France, Germany, Prussia, Switzerland,Poland, and Russia really she is.

Pets~ 3 birds; Flaco, Aldo, Alma.
Also has 6 cats ((IS not a crazy cat lady)) Nutmeg, Tamir, Toppa, Mare, Incantesimo, and Conchiglia.

Songs~ If I Die Young~
Still In Love With You~
Devil's Train~
Do It For Him~

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Nation/Island Name: Ogygia (If you don't know Greek Mythology then look it up as Ogygia from Percy Jackson)
Human Name: Calypso Karpussi
"Nation Age": Not too sure, time is fluid on the island.
Gender: Female
Likes: Books, Gardening, her family, America, etc.
Dislikes: People who thinks girls are weak, France, movies that are based off of books but completely different, etc.

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Sits down in front of her computer with Kumarie sat comfortably in her lap. Opens up her email and begins writing an email to everybody.
Hello everybody,
How have you all been, eh? To those who don't know (or remember) my name is Madeline Williams. I'm Canada, eh. 
I know everybody is busy, I sure am, but... I was wondering if we could all hang out sometime? I don't mind when or where - we could all go watch a horror movie (I know how America loves those), or drink some tea (I know England enjoys that) or have a meal out at a fancy restaurant (France adores good food!) or ... anything really, eh. It would just be really nice to hang out together outside of world meetings sometimes, especially since we've all been so busy all the time recently.
Hopefully we can arrange something soon, eh? Let me know what you think, what you'd like to do and when would be a good time (but try to be flexible, not everyone has the same schedule as you) soon,  s’il vous plaît.
Leans her head on Kumarie biting her lip nervously before pressing send.
H-hopefully they'll get back to me soon, eh. Looks melancholic. Kumala, s-sometimes I really miss being at the world m-meetings... its loud and crazy b-but kind of fun, eh. Brightens up. I'm sure they'll get b-back to us soon, eh.
Kumarie tilts her head to look at Maddie in confusion. Who are you?
Sighs in resignation. I-I'm your owner... I'm Canada, eh. 

Sadness is a breaking point
By Midnight Skye

Feeling lost...afraid...
Trying to smile...
Let it be my mask
For my real face is
Covered by guilt...
I want to feel
To touch
To smell
To taste
To sense that
I'll never see again...

Goodbye love....
Goodbye light...
Goodbye world..


( I'm not dead, and I'm not going to die..or leave...I just wanted to express my feelings...please don't take this seriously....)

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Name: Mew Kirkland

Country name: unknown

Age(in human years): 5 years

Age(in country years): unknown

Stays with: England (Arthur Kirkland) (or anyone willing to keep me...)

Likes: Flying Marshmallow Bunny, sweets, happiness, music, books, flowers, giggling

Dislikes: people crying, falling, being alone for a long period of time, scary things (ie. movies, pictures, books, etc.), sad things

Bio: since birth, she has been placed from family to family, being feared by many for not aging. In the times where witches were shunned, she was thrown into situations where people tried to kill her. She was drowned, burned, even strangled. People were afraid because no matter what, she never died. The last place she was dropped off was at a porch of [insert country here]/(England) and taken in when she was just 3 years old in human years. After a long while, she was her bubbly, giggling self again. Whenever someone has to leave her alone, she always follows, afraid that she's going to be abandoned again and be alone.

(If you want more info, just ask)

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Name: Sealand Kirkland
Country/Micronation: Sealand
country age: 48
Gender: male
age: 15
Likes: Candy,fruit drinks,hanging around the nordics
Dislikes: Scones,being made fun of
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