hiding in one of my Freelancer bases, hacking into a Terrorist database. You traced my location to here and decided to come hang out (Time to bring back some dead communities XD)

in the firing range, shooting an M16 down the range (OPEN)

(+Alexis Maryam Here, we can rp here) I sit in the commons hack room, my hands flying across the keyboard of a desktop

in the capitol high above everyone on a roof top, my large wings blowing in the wind. I watch the whole area looking for trouble that might be happening, my hand ready to draw my Gunblade at any time

leaning on a wall of the HQ, my wings pressed against it, I look around at all the people as they work, hack, do whatever they are good at doing. I just sigh and pull out a lollipop putting it in my mouth. (like a boss. XD)

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(to those who have somthing against this, don't say anything.)
Name: Dashery (my name for Anthro Rainbow Dash)
Gender Female
Age 18
Likes Fighting, training, lounging around
Dislikes My friends being hurt/in danger
Tech Skill Level 6
Skills Swordsmanship, speed
Faction Soldier
Bio An odd girl who nobody really knows about. All that is known is she obviously isn't from around here. The big smoking gun in proving that: She's an Anthromorph, half human, half animal. She fights to keep people safe, no matter what the danger. But she has a bit of a lazy streak too. Her weapons of choice are special Blades that can change to pistols when needed.
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Name: Connor Stryker
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Likes: Guns, computers, explosives
Dislikes: People, senseless fighting
Tech skill: 8
Skills: Hand to hand, long range combat, algorithm hacking
Faction: Freelancer
Mainly hacker
Appearance: See pic
Bio: Connor has been born, raised and molded by the Freelancers. He is one of the lower paid Freelancer hackers, but he has more tech skills than most Freelancers. He is trained in hand to hand combat and prefers long range combat. He lives alone just outside the headquarters in a small house filled with computers.

(+H.C. Hinkle) writing down code in the common room, occasionally stopping to think

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Last post for the day! Here's what Connor looks like.
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