Hey guys, I just called Nintendo complaining about the sheik nerf and of course, BAYONETTA!!!! I'd appreciate if you guys would join my side and make a difference. The more people we get to complain, the more likely it is to re-buff sheik and SERIOUSLY nerf bayonetta. Thank you

Hey, anyone wanna play me? FC: 5086 2952 6697

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For the Super Smash Bros. Ballot, I shall be voting for Ivysaur. He was my main in Brawl and Project M and it seems unfair that only Charizard came back from the Pokemon Trainer team. Ivysaur had a very unique moveset that set it apart from the other Pokemon. It wasn't a fast character like Squirtle or a powerhouse like Charizard, he was his own thing and I liked that.

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Thoughts on the SmashPad app? I'm one of the few 19 year olds living in a first world that doesn't have a cell phone but I think it's a wonderful idea. http://smashboards.com/threads/smashpad-app-trailer-released.395871/

Who wants to battle in smash? I'm pretty bored right now.

Here's the stimulation though... you can only use your miis in the brawls

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IGN: Nairo

Let's see how good you are >:)

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