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Name Winter Nightshade
Age 16
Gender Female
Personality Fierce, friendly (somewat),night owl, mean at first,
Skilled I can master bows,guns and knives
sexuality Straight
likes Exploring, wolves,books,video games,killing walkers
dislikes Enemies, watching love ones die,spiders
weapon revolver with a silencer and a hunters knife
Bio the world ended that's all

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{Name} Evans Wallace

{Age} 30

{Family} dead

{Personality} confident, considerate, cooperative, captivating, hard working, hearty, honorable, high minded, honest, humble, patriotic, sociable

{Sexuality} straight

{Description/picture} picture

{Skills} Air Force pilot

{Group} military

{World} ?

{Bio/About} Evans is a generous well being person. You'd say he would get taken advantage of but not really because some people like him that much. Fort Lewis is army base which happens to have the Air Force base near it so Evans became close with most of the soldier there and still is during the apocalypse. The base didn't allow survivors in without courante his family happened to be there getting gravely ill they ended up having to be killed.

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Name: Lilian Lily Grimes
Age: 18
Weapon:Pistol, cross bow, knife
Bio: it all started when my father let me go with him and Shane to his job, where my dad got shot. Shane and I couldn't wake him up when the dead came. So we left him but now where they could bite him. Here we are now, with a group. I have a slight crush on Daryl Dixon. Beth was like my sister. I take care of my brother and sister
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Name:Adriane Hart
Bio: Can't remeber

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°Name° Jenna Katelyn Kaul ( Call)
°Age° 16
She grew up in the Apocalypse with her parents but they eventually died from Walkers they had gotten slaughtered right in front of her she ran as fast as her legs could carry her she soon reached a gas station and got held up there still thinking about what she had just witnessed she also thought about her little sister and thinking,Hoping she's still alive somewhere.
°Gender° Female
°Starter Weapon° Pistol
°Personality° Hot headed,Smart,fast,Good eyesight,Good hearing
°Prior injurys° Cut arm,Cut on heel of foot
°Appearance° Brown hair,Blue eyes,Freckles covered by mud and blood
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his is my character for this community! ^w^ Sadly there is no picture that fits my characters description I will start off with her simple physical appearance.
Appearance when scavenging: I Have army armor on bullet covering over my chest and simple hard fabric over my arms and legs I wear fingerless gloves with long army boots that wrap up tightly I wear a hoodie over my chest and over my face I have a see through black fabric over my face with a bandana over my mouth with fake detailed teeth over it I keep my hair in a tight braid inside my clothing I make it wet before I head out to secure the braid tightly... she understands that most woman in this world cut there hair or put it up in ponytails so people can't grab it but she hides her hair when outside instead for protection she doesn't cut her hair for a personal simple reason.. she also has a microphone hidden behind her lip to give her a dark shady voice. Example bat man.. XD Or maybe darth vador. :3
Appearance when at base: she has long blonde hair it goes down to her feet she has bright blue eyes.
Race/Species: Human.
Personality: She is quiet and serious and she has a sense of humor.
Fears: She keeps her fears to herself and locks them inside of her it is the dark and loud noises for example thunder or obvious reasons like someone dropping a pan or something of a sort.
Likes: Children, animals and protecting those who deserve it.
Dislikes: People looking down on her as if she were a child people who betray her or use her or her people.
Gender/Sex: Female.
Age: 18
Sexuality: Biosexual.
Weapon: She owns a variety of weapons but when she goes out she has three daggers in two pockets at her back a pistol at her foot and ammo up and down her legs with a curved small sword as her main weapon at her hip.
Name: Unknown to public or close friends.
Nickname or preferred name: Sir.
Bio: She was only seven when all hell broke loose... she remembers going into town with her mother in the back seat the girl had always been happy and close to her friends and family she spoke to her mother and she began seeing police cars and the ambulance drive past them she then saw a car driving insanely forward at them crashing into them she noticed an inhuman being eating the man in drivers seat they crashed as the car fell into the forest next to them falling off the railing she wakes up upside down as she unbuckles her seatbelt with many cuts and bruises luckily unharmed... she soon gets out of the car and notices something... one of those.. things... eating her mother.. most likely as most she screams as the thing begins running after her... she begins running and finds a gun from the other car un sure of how to use it she looks away closing her eyes tightly shooting it in the chest many times... she notices how it doesn't affect the thing, terrified she becomes face to face with the monster as she shoots it in the mouth the thing falls to the ground... she soon leaves her mother looking for her home when she does she notices no one is there at all... now she is eighteen and stays in her home scavenging goods, and has survived sense then.. she has seen friends and family die in front of her eyes... and has done despicable things to survive.. and now she is unafraid to do it... this is how she lives...

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|| OPEN No one liners please, meaning do not type a one sentence response nor use text talk. A small paragraph is fine to reply.



Inner City

Mission Parameters: Find shelter


Lightning struck without warning- a group of the infected were fried and set ablaze by the sudden blast. Thunder boomed in the background and the rain began to fall. One by one the droplets touched the littered streets covered in blood, trash, clothes, bullet casings, and pieces of rubble. Not like they cared, all they wanted was to sink their teeth into the flesh of the living. If there were anyone living to eat. Suddenly; a door to an object that looked like a pod hisses with white air coming out of it blasted open and into a wall. What emerged from the pod stood at the height of 6'5 feet tall and wore an Onyx black colored armor complete with a helmet and silver visor. The entity raised their silenced MP5 and aimed around the area making sure nothing was nearby. Once sure it would lower it's weapon and take a deep breath before huffing it out and looking up at the clouded sky.

Quickly, the 6'5 entity gathered some spare magazines from it's pod along with a med kit then set out sticking to the side street. The rain wouldn't stop it nor would the sounds of thunder or the faint drops of hail hitting it's shoulders. Eventually the soldier made it's way to an empty Wali world. Extending it's arm the trooper would give a gentle and slow push watching as the door opened. Looking up he saw that the lights were on, barely though. Moving up and closing the door swiftly behind him he would tread lightly through the empty rows of empty shelves only spotting an assortment of foods that weren't that large in numbers.

The Soldier would stop in place and spin on it's heel aiming down the row apon hearing the sound of something being knocked over. Moving a finger over the trigger the trooper whistles softly to get what ever was there to come out and show itself.

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Name: Madison
Friends: None
Family: Rebecca
Birthday: September 14, 1999
Bio: Has sister but mom and brother died by zombies and is separated from my sister.
Looks: Down below
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name:  Leo Teufel
days survived: 2 months, 8 weeks, 9 days
Back story: leo has lost everything, everything except Carl
age: 15
Start out Weapon: Pistol
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