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(Who wanted to be a Knight and a Royal knight)
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Declare war against your enemy community.

Is this place dead that fast?

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Name: Grey
Age: 59
Race: Human
Gander: Male
Rank: Marshall
Bio: i was a old general of Britannia Empire that has serve for 40 year for honor of nation and back retired 18 year and back a again in the Britannia Empire becuase heard that there is war!!

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Name: Ragna
Age: 31
Gender: male
Race: darkwolf
Personality: quiet sometimes merciless
Skills: shape shifting fire powers acrobatics weapons expert
Hero\villain: hero mixed villain
Likes: rock music
Dislikes: love songs mercy
Friends: many I can't list
Hobby: dark brotherhood
Employment as: assassin
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Name: Miles Prower
Nickname: Tails
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Species: Fox
Likes: Hanging out, Fixing stuffs, Building things
Dislikes: Being Ignored, Disturbed While Doing Something Complicated

Ability / Powers:
-High Jump
-Mastered Hand to Hand combats
-Flight (by his twin-tails)
-Tail Swipe (and a few more attacks)

Information About:
He have a Serious Short-term memory loss.
-He can play Bass and Drums
-Altough he can fly a plane, he didn't have a pilot licence.
-He has a messy workshop
-Can fix almost everything

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Name: Luke unknown/Luka
Age: 18
Gender: male(Luke) female(Luka)
Race: wolf
Bio: Luke was tested on to tun him female until they Become two people now they will kill whoever wants to kill then
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Name: classified
Nickname: commander FOX (code number: FX777)
Gender: male
Race: human
Personally: cares deeply about his country
Likes: his country
Dislikes: you don't wanna know
Friends: our glorious leader, royal gards ,britannian army
Enemy: anyone who attack us
Hobbies: classified
Employment as: CEO and commander of a PMC group called FOX
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