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SwagArch GNU/Linux 18.01
Change Log:

⚫ New Audio Player Quod Libet (replaces Rhythmbox)
⚫ [Firefox] preconfig privacy settings
⚫ update to Calamares V.3.1.11

there is a big problem with this distribution.
it is ultra fast, beautiful, we can quickly install any application ...
usual, when I try a distribution, I always find elements that are not suitable, and I like that. here it is desperate, everything is perfect, swag meets my needs in every respect. thanks thanks thanks.

Just stop by to thank you for Swagarch, I love it.

i have a problem with my Wi-Fi connection it shows that is connected but no IP Address is attached and whenever i try to access a website the browser shows that i'm not connected to the internet ! i use ALFA AWUS036H Wireless Adapter

during installation, the keys on my keyboard do not match: u-> 4, i-> 5, for example. yet I chose the right keyboard in calamares ...
someone has already encountered this problem?

Do you recommend SwagArch for old computers with 1 GB RAM and Core 2 Duo processor ?

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The official 3D Logo from SwagArch GNU/Linux

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I get an error when updating the repositories:

error: swagarchrepo: key "4CD3DCB3EC5D6021" is unknown
:: Import PGP key 2048R/0D43EFF9AF9BB4FFAEA48A454CD3DCB3EC5D6021, "Mike Krüger <>", created: 2016-08-17? [Y/n] y
error: key "Mike Krüger <>" could not be imported
error: failed to update swagarchrepo (invalid or corrupted database (PGP signature))
error: database 'swagarchrepo' is not valid (invalid or corrupted database (PGP signature))

how can I solve this?

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I'm loving SwagArch!
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