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As the father of a scout and a person who is working to see colleges allow for concealed carry this law is a great step forward. The fact that this law passed unanimously in the house is also encouraging. We need to stop treating 18-21 year olds as children. They can fight in wars, vote and be charged as an adult in a crime yet we are not allowing them the fundamental right of self protection. Hopefully this bill gets passed into law and it is the first step towards allowing responsible and trained young adults easier access to their rights.

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An interesting history on what lead to the creation of the SBR/SBS ban in Michigan 3 years before the 1934 NFA restrictions. Further revelations on the dangers of Anti-Gun Legislation as not Just Americans but for all people.   #gunrights   #nfa   #sb610  

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If you are a woman looking for non lethal ways to defend yourself or additional alternatives to deadly force check out this article. If you have a woman in your life that is not ready to own a gun have them read this article. 

We are an agent for FIRM (Futures in Rehabilitation Management) Systems based in Springfield, IL.   Concealed carry livescan fingerprinting can be done for everyone interested in getting them done now.  The instructors fingerprints will be submitted the same day.  Regular concealed carry (non instructors) can be printed but will not be submitted until Jan 2014.  We will input the information and have the TCN number at the time of the prints.  To get any further information, make an appointment, or find out the fees call our office at KCB Information 309-353-5527.

It's awesome to see #students  fighting for their rights!

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