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GExperts so far comes with a special stand alone executable GExpertsGrep that does nothing else but load the GExperts dll and call the entry point ShowGrep. Having this additional executable isn’t really necessary because Windows already comes with a tool…

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Various people have reported an error message regarding rtl240.bpl not being found when calling the stand alone version of GExperts Grep. I could never reproduce it but my recent insight on SaveLoadLibrary now also solved that one: The stand alone version…

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Eric Berry just posted this to the GExperts mailing list:
I've posted Thomas's current binary builds as the official GExperts 1.38
release on the web site. This release adds support for Delphi 1.01
Berlin and 10.2 Tokyo (beta), as well as all of the other things Thomas
has added and fixed over the last year or two.

Home Page:


Status Updates and Discussion:

Note: I'm no longer doing much software development, so I'm not actively
reviewing or editing the GExperts code or doing builds, but I am making
a few minor web site updates, as needed.

Just in case this is not clear enough: These are the very same installers that I have had on my homepage since January 2017.

So how does a guy like myself get involved in contributing to GExperts?

I don't have a lot a lot of time (or money), but I do have a desire to help.

Here is where I am at, and what I have to work with:

I have read over the docs, and I have a little experience with hacking the various IDE's and the like.

I keep a set of very clean VM's with every version of RAD Studio installed (going all the way back to Delphi and BCB 1), and I am getting ready to update them all (thinking a mass install of GExperts might be a good start and might be helpful to the project).

I am spending most of my RAD Studio time in Tokyo these days (un-supported I think).

I must admit upfront, most of my dev work as of past few years has been a lot of command line compiling, interfacing tons of C code built using other compilers. Still, I am old hat with this sort of thing.

What to point me in a direction to get started (and hopefully not towards the door)?


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No April fools' joke: GExperts 1.38 experimental 2017-04-01 for Delphi 10.2.

This version should solve several bugs that resulted in Access Violations in the IDE or made the IDE hang.

Again: This is not for the faint of heart. It is barely tested. Download only if you promise not to blame me for the work you lost.

Please report any bugs on sourceforge


If you are brave and promise not to complain if there are bugs but try to help me fix them:

(WARNING: This has not been tested at all. I just made it compile and built a new installer. You have been warned!)

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A while ago I stopped using the formatter branch and officially took over the trunk of the GExperts repository. When I announced that on G+, Stefan Glienke asked me about my plans for GExperts. My answer today is still the same as back then: I will…

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Can anybody else reproduce the problem described here? I can't, not even with Achim's steps.

Note: The current source code might fix the problem, but I can't be sure because I could never reproduce it.

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Are you familiar with "forgotten" hints?
Here is a very rough example how to make them disappear without restarting the IDE.

EnumWindows(@EnumWindowsProc, LPARAM(0));

function EnumWindowsProc(Wnd: HWND; Form: TForm): BOOL; stdcall;
Buffer: array [0 .. 99] of Char;
ClassName: string;
GetClassName(Wnd, Buffer, 100);
ClassName := string(Buffer);
if ClassName = 'TDesignerHintWindow' then
SendMessage(Wnd, WM_CLOSE, 0, 0);
Result := True;

It does not process child windows nor checks the ProcessID against BDS's, but it works. Maybe you could implement it a bit better if you have the time.


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Could somebody with a French Windows installation of Delphi 10.1 Berlin check this out? I cannot reproduce the problem on my English Windows system.

It's about the shortcut not being displayed in the menu item.

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