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If you have made one of the OpenRC projects please consider adding it to the build map. It´s easy, there´s no need to register and who know´s, maybe you´ll find some likeminded people nearby.

Go check out the map here:

And check out the video to learn how.

Is there anywhere to get hold of some tyres from please?
My CEL Robox is less hackable than my previous Printrbot 3DP and I can't get it to print the Ninjaflex I have.....
Suggestions welcome,

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Assembly has begun....

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Trying to work out where to position the electrics ( once they are soldered and the servo arrives)

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Allright, the rules are simple. I´ll post a few more pics to this album during the week left until the release of the next OpenR/C Project next saturday.

I´d like to keep it simple so just post your guess in the comments (It´s important that you comment on the original post) and also (if you like) share your ideas behind the guess (if there are any).

I think it would be fair to say that each person can do one guess a day, so think carefully before guessing.

The one who first get´s the right answer will win a 3D Printer supplied by +Creative Tools 
I´ll see if we can throw in a runner up price aswell, i´ll let you now.

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What are the tire size?
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What program are you guys using to make new designs? 

Do people outside the US have ready access to Traxxas parts? Not sure wether to design around Traxxas parts or brands like HSP. I eventually would like to realease my design and keep it accessable to all.

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After some modification on the rim and split in to part they are more easy to print, no support needed and better looking surface :-)
both part can be stitch together with M3 screws. The rims are printent with PLA layer 0.2 /230C/ 50mm/s. It's possible to print wit 80mm/s but has an impact on the surface. 
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Updated OpenR/C Truggy files. New Assembly (STEP) and new STL's uploaded to GrabCAD. Documentation to follow!
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