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If you have made one of the OpenRC projects please consider adding it to the build map. It´s easy, there´s no need to register and who know´s, maybe you´ll find some likeminded people nearby.

Go check out the map here:

And check out the video to learn how.

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Assembly has begun....

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Trying to work out where to position the electrics ( once they are soldered and the servo arrives)

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For those interested, Joel Telling did a short interview with me at Midwest RepRap Festival this past weekend.

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+TeamDogoman Rc​ here are some pics of the front axis. I have seen that when is turning right the servo saver lifts a little bit. Maybe it's that what is the root cause of the problem.

Pic 1&2 right turn
Pic 3 left turn
Pic 4 neutral

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Does anyone know of a place where I can get some of the parts printed and shipped to me for the OpenRC F1 car? The printer I have access to is not big enough for some of the parts. Thanks. 

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I've been able to put everything together and test the car... But more problems!

I've less stearing to the right compared to left. What can I do tl fix this?

+Daniel Norée​​ please spread your wisdom :)


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The 2017 Midwest RepRap Festival is over and tomorrow we head back home. It´s was a great weekend and i have met alot of amazing people and seen so many cool projects. I also spotted a few OpenRC F1´s. I´ll post a video of the SeeMeCNC OpenRC F1 testdrive later.
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Is there a plan view photo showing all the electronics in position with the lid off please?

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First contribution to the #OpenRc project by +Daniel Norée. Some parts to fit the Propodrive 28-36s outrunner brushless motor.

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