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Each card represent a zone: (monster attributes below.)

Ace through five is the spell and trap zones, 7-9 is the defense monster zone (back line), King Queen and Jack are the front line (attackers), six is the scorch pile (grave), ten is the deck zone, Ace of clubs is the field zone, and two of Clubs are the extra pile.

Monster attributes: Fire, Water, Grass, Light, Dark, Poison, Ice, Steel, Lightning, Earth, Flying, and Acid.

Name: Sakura Vis
Age: 19
Likes: Respect, friends, and a honored card game.
Disliked: Cheaters, losing, and a dishonored card game.
Deck: Fire or Poison Acid
Ace: Flaming Warrior or Plasma Acid
Bio: Sakura is a upper class teen, who has been well, a honest person who loves the Scorch Fighters card game since he was a kid.
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