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This MachinEVO Google Community was made for the 2014 Registration in January this year and will not be used any more!

We will make a new  MachinEVO Google Community 2015. 

We will put link here to our new website with info soon!

Participant Registration will be open from

Monday 5th January - 11th January 2015 
We are busy working at our new syllabus 2015.
It will be public Sunday 7th December!

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Open Call to all Second Life avatars that might be interested in an experimental blended virtual/real-world news syndication program to air both in-world and in the real world on a weekly basis, covering stories of international importance: political, social/cultural and weird news. We are interested in a diverse range of avatars. If you have been itching to get involved in a provocative project that can also have meaningful impact on public opinion, please take time to complete this short survey: ... Thanks, Salty Saenz (Second Life)

1PM SLT  a meeting of the NEW  EdLC  at the Irish Pub on EduNation ..... yippee

Sorry for the short notice, but if you like to join a teacher meeting on EduNation, we have just started 5min ago. 

Did anyone record our MachinEVO panel today at VWBPE? I got a wonderful recording, but my voice is missing as I did not turn that feature on in FRAPS (idiot). You can hear eveyone but me, so I'd love to get that piece of audio if anyone did record. Let me know. Thanks. Even if someone could direct me to the recorded sessions that the VWBPE people did. I could capture the audio from that.

Hi I got this mail from my friend Kip....

Like to share it with you.....

Hi Jens!

Hope you are well. 😊 Just a quick message to let you know that one of our sims, Knowingly, will be closing in less than 5 days. I thought I'd let you know so that you could potentially spread the word among machinimists at Edunation - in case some might want to make some machinima of it before it closes. The location is currently set to group access only, so anybody interested would need to be in the UWA VIRTLANTIS group. Should they not be in the group and wish to make some videos, please just have them contact me or Abraxas McAndrews. Thanks in advance for spreading the word!

TP Link (SLurl):

Related Discussion Link On FB:

Warm regards,

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Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education
This year theme - "Connections":
April 9-12, 2014
For your calender!
See you all!

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Euroversity Network
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I just wanted to share this (Cybere encouraged me)

I actually taught the Group 1 lesson on Monday, with my pre-intermediate f2f class, and it went really well - students mesmerised by the story. 

Actually, I used my edited version of our machinima - the Group 1 clip, edited by Cybere, is brilliant, better than anything I could do, but I needed to cut time down (showing it 3 X), and cut out the full frontal close ups of green fairy (too sexy for my Ss).

I recommend making cut up cards for Ss to rearrange in parts 2 & 3  because that worked so well with my class (bit of TPR).

I can't upload the plan here, but Heike will publish it on the Camelot site.

I have a couple of questions about the sound at the awards festival.

The first question is how many participants experienced the problem.  I could barely understand what was happening during the presentations and thank goodness the people on Adobe Connect stream were able to get understandable audio.  

The second question is to speculate about why the sound was troubled. I wonder, would the sound be affected by the number of prims in our costumes?  Or perhaps it was the time of day, or perhaps it was some other internet traffic issue.  If anyone has any insight on this I would very like to understand these issues with more clarity.
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