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I try to reset my password for the bar, but the password I get from is invalid. What's going on with Baen's Bar?


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Yeah. I'm also stoked. Loved that book. 

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Raketový tučňáci z filmu Batman
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John Ringo recently tweeted that he read three H. Beam Piper books and now has the plot for his next Ghost book.

One was Space Viking.  Any ideas on what the other two were?

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He's not a Baen author...but his books have been distributed via Webscriptions: An appeal to the community-at-large: Please take a look and please consider hitting the "donate" button to help out an author who is going through some damn tough times.

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Helpful hints...

" J " to read NEXT post on the Stream
" K " to read PREVIOUS post on the Stream
" R " to Enter a COMMENT
" TAB + ENTER " to Publish the COMMENT
" SPACE " to SCROLL-DOWN the Stream (Any Page)
" SHIFT + SPACE " to SCROLL-UP the Stream (Any Page)
" N " to read NEXT COMMENT on a Post
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" ? " to view Keyboard SHORTCUTS
" ⇦ " (Left Arrow) to SELECT PAGES on the Left Ribbon.
" ⇨ " (Right Arrow) to SCROLL/READ the Stream again.
On the Google Bar Notifications, use the Left & Right Arrows to read Notifications

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This weeks classic poem (yes, I'm on a Kipling kick again...) , complete with reading.

Hymn of Breaking Strain

by Rudyard Kipling

THE careful text-books measure 
(Let all who build beware!) 
The load, the shock, the pressure 
Material can bear. 
So, when the buckled girder 
Lets down the grinding span, 
'The blame of loss, or murder, 
Is laid upon the man. 
Not on the Stuff - the Man! 
But in our daily dealing 
With stone and steel, we find 
The Gods have no such feeling 
Of justice toward mankind. 
To no set gauge they make us- 
For no laid course prepare- 
And presently o'ertake us 
With loads we cannot bear: 
Too merciless to bear.

The prudent text-books give it 
In tables at the end 
'The stress that shears a rivet 
Or makes a tie-bar bend- 
'What traffic wrecks macadam- 
What concrete should endure- 
but we, poor Sons of Adam 
Have no such literature, 
To warn us or make sure!

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