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gets approached by enraged people  STAY AWAY..........I am warning you....... no I am not madara.......leave me alone......

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,,,,stay away from em...I am just madara's puppet......... just..go....

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I wake up in an underground cave surrounding me was full of "experiments" and bottles saying "dark chakra" "madara's blood"  "sasuke's eyes"  all things that to me look like a way to enhance a person ....

...nani where the heck am I I see a scroll  with writing on it saying "madara's revenge..............his son................corrupts.............madara's future...."perfect subject to be the true "son" of madara...
is he trying to make me as evil as him?????

ninja 1:Master Madara he is awake
ninja 2: His father Sasuke would be going insane since he has to find him again heheheh

ninja 3: Soon that boy will be the key to Madara's victory....

manages to take off the tape thats on my mouth

WHERE AM I!?!?!?!?

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I walk to a the road between my house and the village when a man spots me ( I never me madara so I don't know it's him)   ok..first I need to buy some herbs.....mother still wants us to know about medicine ...walks toward the village when the man ( madara) calls me
hmmmm who are you +Sasuke Uchiha 

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remembering the time I found out who I am.. The time sasuke finally found his "lost" son for 2 years since his birth......
((flash back)) 
+Sasuke Uchiha  sees a boy leaning on the tree you can't see the face

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* +Sasuke Uchiha  goes to talk to +Rieken Mashiba  about what he did and said to me*   ((neither  of them know I am watching and listening to them))

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Name: Len "Uchiha"
Age: 2
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Likes: becoming stronger, learning new jutsu/techniques, training with +Sasuke Uchiha 
Dislikes: showing my true feelings, remembering or being reminded about my past even though it helps me, the sight of cold eyes especially the sharingan eyes, being controlled, my sharingan forced to be awakened
Condition: Healthy body (unstable eyes)
unstable eyes (brown to red ....depending on the situation
Chakra Natures: fire, lightning
Senjutsu: fire style-fire ball(Gōkakyū no Jutsu),
shadow clone jutsu(Kage Bunshin no Jutsu)
body replacement jutsu (Kawarimi no Jutsu)
 Country : Land of fire
 father: +Sasuke Uchiha 
Mother: +Aiko Uzumaki 
Sibling: +Rieken Mashiba 
Weapons: Kunai
Bio: .............. very few know my past or even know I am an uchiha......I choose not to say
Goal: find a purpose ....find my destiny
TO make my father proud and represent and honor my clan THE UCHIHA CLAN...
facts: 1. unlike my other siblings I am the only one who looks Identical to +Sasuke Uchiha   .......making people create rumors that I am the "true son of sasuke" which also makes +Rieken Mashiba   jealous and secretly build dark chakra around himself
2. I was  born with red eyes because sasuke "made me" while his EMS active
3. the music  theme I choose means :full of thoughts questions and.....mystery around me
Higurashi Matsuri - furuki omoi
Animated Photo

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Name: David Uzumaki
Age: 18 years old
Bio: Brother of Naruto Uzumaki, but i'm very different to him in all the goals and toughts about that, and former member of AMBU squad
Family: Best friend of Sasuke and Aiko, and former member of Akatsuki

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walking at night looking  down under the moon  I wonder what happened to father is he missing????

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Name: Usagi Sayomi
Age: 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999
Family Status: AUNTIE GRANDMA. Cousin of Aiko Uzumaki
Bio: HI KIDS! Come over here and give your Auntie Granny a hug!
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