First let me say that Kha looks pretty impressive regarding all the targets and what it offers.
But ( there's always a but ) there are some stuff that are not so good in my humble opinon and I would like to ask here if there are some plans to improve on certain fronts.

Please let me explain:

- getting that Kha.
Getting the Kha code is somewhat frustrating. We must clone the repo of 0.5Gb. I don't know if Github had some hickups that day but I got ~30kb/s download and that lasted for hours.
Are there any plans to do haxelib integration? That would be really nice and straightforward.

- Project, develping and building ... in my opinion having the flash project in build folder for developing is somewhat unnatural.
Is there any way that we can have development FlashDevelopment project in the root and then on build output the project files ( flash, java, c++ etc.) in the build folders?

- Related to previous, is there any way to automate native project building ( via command line for example ) to build final product?

- The docs ... I know that docs are something that we all  hate to do but it would be really helpfull for newcomers to have some more in-depth explanations of certain parts of Kha, how they work ( for example renderer batchnig, basic gme structure etc. ) and some  best practices.

- Laslty ... I know that you made forums on your website but maybe it would be better to have google group for Kha since it could get more traction that way.

Many thanks in advance,

Is there any active community anywhere? I can't find anything that's even remotely active...

Cool project though, want to try it out.

Hi all,

I've discovered Kha some months ago. Seems pretty nice, although I did not have enough time yet to test it. 

I have one question : is there any network support in Kha ? In particular I would like to work with sockets (e.g. with a socket.io or sock.js server)

Also, the official forum is totally dead, and this google group is not even advertised on the Kha web page ... For sure you are not trying very hard to advertise and promote what seems to be a great framework :D

Is your #Kha channel dead?

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We installed a forum at http://forum.ktxsoftware.com to hopefully concentrate discussions in one conveniently accessible place. Wonder if that works. We will of course continue to answer all questions here, too, but using the forum should prove more useful for future generations of Kha coders.

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Visit our new tech blog at http://tech.ktxsoftware.com - it's the place where we will from now on collect all informations regarding Kha. We will keep the G+ group updated, too, but the blog will also have smaller posts like notes about api changes.

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Brace yourselves and enter the battle in Lubos' highly realistic medieval combat simulator done for Ludum Dare using Kha at http://haxe.sk/ld48/28/html5/index.html

Hi. How can I compile the Android output using Ant on Windows? I am lazy to download and install eclipse :p  Thanks!

Tizen support landed - the first community developed feature, done by Lubos.
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