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Flow 0.1 early release - your feedback needed...

Please download, test and share.   Please add each feedback item as a new post to this community.  


BUG:  install fails with WWW, here are the logs
IDEA: it would be cool if it did XXX
HELP:  I'm confused, how do I do YYY
LIKE: I like ZZZ

This is the plan to get it out of the door and to get some real users.

1) This week - Release 0.1-BETA - Friends and Family (testing installer, ensuring not confusing/distracting)
2) Next week - deal with feedback.  Timeboxed week to fix distractions
3) 19/Mar - Release 0.2-BETA - Release to contacts... E.g. build pipeline mailing list, linked in contacts, clients and partners etc..
4) 07/Apr - Release 1.0-BETA - Release to the world, somehow... Plus Google AdWords
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