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Welcome +Carri Kramer!

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Is there a flashable MJA bootloader yet? I've found a deodexed mja ROM on team USC, but it doesn't even say if it's rooted or not. I'm hoping to be able to update my firmware without breaking root. Thanks.

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Just thought I would share this experience with Samsung online chat support over the Update software 4.3.   Background is that I have been trying all the releases in hopes that they fix the installation problems everyone is having.  On Jan 6th they released a new download.. still the same error.  Find it interesting that they won't acknowledge this issue, rather send you to Best Buy.

Does anyone happen to know uscc's smsc number? I can receive SMS just can't send so I'm assuming that's the issue but I can't find it anywhere.

Question for all the people that change ROMs more than they change underwaear: do you guy not keep photos or music on your phones? It always takes me a couple hours to remove all my new photos, videos, and music before I change ROMs. This is the main reason I stick to the same ROM for months and months. Any pro-tips for me?

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+Geoff Whiteley +Nathan Jolly and anyone else on d2usc
Here is CM 11 and the Gapps needed

Flashing Instuctions:


Wipe Data/Factory Reset
Wipe Cache
Wipe Dalvik Cache
Format System
Flash ROM
Flash 4.4 Gapps 
*To use the search feature in the dialer you must flash the PA Kanged Gapps
It is recommended that you flash the regular PA Gapps first, boot up, then reboot to recovery and flash these gapps over top then wipe cache and dalvik cache

I miss the clearity of the Samsung Camera App, the stock AOPK's of JB, ICS, and KK don't quite do it for me.  Anyone find a camera app the filters colors better?

I"m rooted..I need to remove the bloat.  Please share links..I've been looking for links for about half hour...
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