My mod application-

My name is Arthur, (Flciker Seraphim is my chosen identity)
I have been a pokemon fan since 2007. My first games were:
Mystery dungeon red rescue team
Pokemon ranger

My favorite type-
Fire,  water, or dragon.
Fav game-
Firered and the mystery dungeon series.
I would be a pokemon for OBVIOUS reasons.
I love pokemon because of is ideals and catching stuff.

Why are pokemarts in poke centers now? Why do I have to go into a hospital/ting to buy some poke balls?

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Age:older then time

Personality:quiet/angry and lonely

Likes:peace and quiet




Moves:shadow ball/giga blast/hyper beam/confusion


Origin form


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Name: Heartless
Gender: Male
Species: Gengar
Level: 100
Personality: Evil
Stats: 250 HP 230 ATK 210 DEF 360 SP.ATK 250 SP. DEF 370 SPD
Moves: Shadow ball, Sludge bomb,Dazzling gleam, Thunderbolt
Likes: Scaring people and haunt pokemon and people i don't like
Dislikes: People who think that they are better than me and cute, cuddly stuff
Bio: I was born in Lavender town, and i grew up there. People always kick me and tease me! I hated that! So I gathered all the ghost types and I released my anger by scaring people. I don't like people and im quite angry when i see one. Luckily, some kind pokemon helped me and I live with pokemon, mainly Kanto and ghost pokemon. I still live in Lavender town.
But do NOT underestimate i have lots of tricks up my sleeve.. What!? Im a gengar!

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Name: Xavi///Karliah
Age: 20///20
Genders: Male//Female
Xavi's attacks: Dragon Claw, Thunder Punch, Fire Punch, Light Blast
Karliah's Attacks: Heal Pulse, Reflect, Barrier, Light Blast
Abilities: Inner Focus//Marvel Scale
Clan: Golden Clan
Weapons: Dual Swords//none
Secondary Attacks: Tornado Blade Spin, Sword Absorb (Swords can absorb Special attacks of any type)//none
Personalities: Friendly, Battle ready,Caring, Kind
I was found in the forest all alone as a dratini by a clan that goes by the Golden Clan, after the clan creators (a tepig and snivy) defeated the Bittercold, the clan gained up to 200 members, becoming the biggest clan there is. They then found a gate 2 years later and sent me through not knowing where it went. It led to another world in another universe with strange monsters and none of my attacks did anything to them at all, this is where I  creates my doublade-like swords. 1 year later I destroyed all the evil in the world and returned home. The I soon realized that a war has started between the flygon clan and the Dragon Council. I heard a weird voice telling me to go to the godly  forest for there was a gift there for me. I went there to find a glowing white orb. I held it, standing there for a few seconds,and then the orb floats into the air and Arceus stands before me. Arceus turns Me into the Dragonite of Light which gives me the power of light to destroy a darkness that has come over the Flygon clan. The next day the gods (all legendary pokemon) take that power and convert it to another being named Karliah. They told Me that Karliah is the light of me  and whenever I needs the power of the light, I can fuse with Karliah (the White Dragonite) to become the Dragonite of light.

Extra info:
Xavi: I have multiple different powers other than the power of light.
1. I have a mega evolution and something even more powerful known as Mecha evolution.
2. I can be any of my 5 evolutions at anytime I want

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Name: Repulsor
Species: Raikou 
Gender: N/A
Level: 88
Moves: Thunder, Zap Cannon, Headbutt, Aura Sphere
Bio: Doesn't know where he comes from, had amnesia when he was younger, and he travels the world. He is good friends with Excalibur the Dragonite, (my other OC) and they often travel and train together. Repulsor's goal is to become one of the strongest legendary pokemon, and eventually find and beat Giratina of the Reverse World.

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Thalia the Fenniken

Name~ Thalia
Species~ Fenniken
Age~ "Hey, you don't need to know! That's my personal business..."
Gender~ Female
Ability~ Blaze

"Well, people call me sassy, but I prefer the word fierce."

Likes~ "Twigs have been my best friend so far."
Dislikes~ "Mud and water, YUCK!"

Moves~ Flamethrower, Psybeam, Attract, Flame Charge

"Yeah, that's me. And yes, I DO know those moves."

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enters the forest There are so many other pokemon! I can probably train here, let's see if I can try talking to one of them...

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"I could probably burn down this entire place. Well, it is kinda pretty....sigh." I walk around the park and settle down underneath a tree.

Btw. Oblivia is a region from pokemon rangers guardian signs.
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