Oh snap .. I forgot I was in this community.. ^^;

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name: Nataly Hedgewolf (Hopeless queen)
gender : Female
spices: Hedgehog and Wolf
powers: Lots
Currently living: In a kingdom
Currently Doing: Drawing
power level: (._. Shiet .. Idk)
place in kingdom: Village
Neon or Justices side: Justice side
personality: Loveable person
appearance (picture or explain): Well... I love people just who they are and.. well... I JUST LOVE THEM!! :3
max power: ???
transformation(s): Dark spine Nataly and Dark Nataly
Family : (I'm not taggingthem because I jave a lot of family members)
L: Smiles, laughs, darkness
D: Enemies
weaknesses: Seeing people sad and lonely
Bio: unknown

So.. that's me!! ^^;
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Currently living: Panicle Panic
Currently Doing:DOKKAN DOKKAN
power level:ITS OVER 990000000 Really no joke
place in kingdom:Idk
Neon or Justices side:Idk
appearance (picture or explain):Too hard
max power:SUPER SAIYAN 100 (Ma Hair Is Soo Long)
transformation(s):Metal Polygon
Family +Justice The Hedgehog & Black Diamond BrotherI cant tag the others
weaknesses:Fire Dark Jewels
Bio:Im a Lighthog I Fight Alot

Is fighting +Justice The Hedgehog & Black Diamond YOU CANT BEAT ME HYYYAAAAA

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name: angelo
species: Yoshi  
powers: Manipulation of lighting and super speed, also great skill with fighting and sword fighting, and 4th wall breaking
Currently living: Nowhere
Currently Doing: fighter/ guard
power level: 2
place in kingdom: everywhere
Neon or Justices side: Justice
personality: You'll see
appearance (picture or explain): picture
max power: Omega Angelo (all out god of lighting)
transformation(s):  king of lighting, Omega Angelo
Family: only father. Mother is nowhere to be seen
L: stuff
D: other stuff, making a list of what he likes or dislikes
weaknesses: darkness, rubber, and power limiters
Bio: Was a soldier in a war, eventually met justice and went on adventures. 

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Name: Kenneth
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Likes: Rp's, Funnel Cakes, Other
Dislikes: People who Bully.

._. What do we do here...?

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