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Hi! and welcome to If You Ever Feel Alone!


1.Just be nice :D
2.Please don't swear
3.No hating
4.Be yourself! :D
5. Have fun :D

(if you pie someone and they go mad don't blame ME XDD)

happy valentines day beautiful +NIGHT CLAW -Shadow Fighter-

Thanx 4 letting me join

I got another proplem... When i was 6-7 years old, me and my family got new neighbours... 2 men... Gays... My mom told me to not to go close to them... I didn't understand why, because i was just a little kid...

This makes me even more worried... Maybe mom won't accept me... I can't tell her... I thought that i could... But i'm not sure anymore... If she doesn't accept gays, why would she accept me? But she'll know some day...

Or maybe she accepts bisexuals? I don't know what to do...

I got a proplem... I don't want to lose my bigbrother... But if i'll tell my mom... My whole family will know... And my bigbrother will bully me... Or propably not talk to me again... I'm pretty sure that mom accepts it... But, the others will hate me... Almost my whole family will hate me... But they will find out at some point... They will know...

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I took half an hour on drawing this, plz don't give me hate.

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Nobody needs me :)

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I have no idea who i am. What is my place in this world?
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