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Please remember that changing the storyline to goanipaulis will be none canon.

it is advised not to do so because the creator of goanipaulis whitch is me. decides what happens to it.

thanks for your cooperation.

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The beast is here

Laptop Specs

Intel Core i5 7300 HQ
8GB Ram
1TB Hard drive
NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1050

Since goanimate doesn't want to load, i'll tell you what happened in episode 3.

Me and notsmirks arrive in press garden zone, where we meet YTywan(who is actually my real life friend). then the heavy ninja encounters us and fights us. Then me and notsmirks learn a partner-attack called; smirks-dualspin. After we defeat the heavy ninja, The heavy magician comes out and uses the phantom ruby to snap us to mirage saloon.

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+Canadian Scout You are 11 subs away from 4,000 subs

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I earned my achievement on my game left 4 dead 2 my computer i just screenshot on my cellphone
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For those who knew JR3535, his channel is gone, deleted. Thank you so much for supporting him in the past few years.

steamed hams, but its a fandub
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