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"I don't sense any danger here."
"The danger you can't sense is usually the most deadly, Master Fisto."
"Succinct. Was that one of Yoda's?"
"No, it's one of mine."
-Keelyvine Reus and Kit Fisto prior to the Battle of Ukio

[Name]: Keelyvine Reus

[Race]: Human

[Gender]: Female

[DOB]: 52 BBY

[DOD]: Unknown, presumed killed during Order 66

[Rank]: Jedi Master

[Faction]: Jedi Order, Galactic Republic, GAR

[Weapons]: 2 green standard lightsabers she now rarely uses

[Force Sensitivity]: High

[Personality]: A stern and succinct Jed, still very able to act decisively in danger

[Bio]: Keelyvine Reus was a Human female Jedi Knight, who was instructed in the art of lightsaber combat by Jedi Master Dooku—a hard task-master who demanded excellence from the young woman. Reus later served as a General during the Clone Wars. In that pan-galactic conflict, during which the Confederacy of Independent Systems battled the Galactic Republic for supremacy, Reus was forced to take a Padawan learner, Tyzen Xebec, a Zabrak male. Xebec's former Jedi Master, Bolla Ropal, had been slain by the Confederate-allied bounty hunter Cad Bane in the wake of a battle at Devaron, and so Reus took Ropal's place as the Zabrak's instructor. She had also inherited Ropal's clone trooper commander, one nicknamed "Ganch." Teamed with fellow Jedi Kit Fisto, as well as Admiral Dron, Reus commanded a Republic fleet consisting of a Venator-class Star Destroyer and two Consular-class frigates.

Reus's forces were sent to the vital agri-world of Ukio once Intel had shown they had grown an interest in the Republic's main source of food. Leaving their army starving. The next question was how they were even going to do it, the planet's shields too strong to let the planet be bombarded and it would also keep any landing craft off the planet. After sending her Padawan down to the surface, she confessed to Kit Fisto, who was also present, her doubts of her Padawan, but was reassured that all would be fine in due time by Fisto.

Dron soon alerted Reus and Fisto to an incoming signal. The Ukian satellite network had detected a lone Confederate Lucrehulk-class battleship over Ukio's horizon, and Reus was concerned by the development. The lone Confederate ship's presence was suspicious, but could not inflict any real damage on Ukio's shield. Fisto suspected that it was a lure to pull the fleet to the other side of the planet, and so Reus ordered Dron to hold their current position while she and Fisto would perform reconnaissance in their Delta-7B Aethersprite-class light interceptors. Deploying in her personal fighter, Reus was joined by Fisto as they headed toward the enemy battleship.

Upon reaching the enemy craft, Reus observed that it was deploying modified seismic tanks, which she detected were unarmed. She was puzzled as to just what the tanks were doing, and they subsequently approached the planetary shield, deploying a cloudy black substance all over it. Fisto attempted to run a diagnostic of the substance before moving to engage the tanks. Reus soon realized that destroying the tanks would not prevent them from releasing the substance, so while Fisto transmitted his diagnostic material back to the fleet, she had her astromech droid try and reach Dron. The communication between her and Dron was fragmented, however, as the battleship was jamming most frequencies. The admiral informed her that he had forwarded Fisto's material to the other ships in the fleet, and that they had made several findings. Acknowledging Dron's message, Reus and Fisto headed back to the fleet so that they could communicate clearly.

The substance was a type of soil that due to sit magnetic properties would block out Ukio's sun, killing all crops on the planet. Because of this they were forced to drop the planetary shields, all apart of the modified T-series Tactical droid "Doctor"'s plans.

With this the Battle of Ukio would begin, and after Doctor employed the Project Instinction Device, which caused sentient life to go berserk and become violent. Eventually Reus and her Padawan would be reunited and the Battle of Ukio won for the Galactic Republic.

Reus's next mission with Xebec involved her being dispatched to the Valsedian asteroid belt, which was home to a key mining operation that had allegedly been sold to the Confederacy by Torpo the Hutt. As the asteroid belt was held by the Hutt Cartel, there was a diplomatic sensitivity that Supreme Chancellor Palpatine was loathe to breach. Reus and Xebec, along with Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and his own Padawan Ahsoka Tano infiltrated the asteroid belt's mining facility, before breaking up to better determine the nature of the supposed Confederate presence there. As a result, Reus encountered Confederate agent Asajj Ventress, and fought a duel with the woman, discovering in the process that Torpo was in fact a patsy in a scheme of Jabba Desilijic Tiure's design. The Jedi were nonetheless able to liberate the Ugnaught workers at the facility.
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(Name) Flecul


(Role)minor fleet commander,

(Military description) has a fleet of 1 trade federation cruiser{command ship} and 10 munificent star frigates, has limited ground forces

(Weapons) blaster pistol

(Description) Flecul was a chiss that was stolen from his parents to be enslaved, however when he was young he escaped and destroyed the pirates that owned him. He built a distress beacon and was rescued by the cis. He was then given the rank of fleet commander.

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"I've fallen into favor with the chancellor."

{Name} Wilhuff Tarkin

{Age} 39

{Race} Human

{Gender} Male

{Alignment} Lawful Evil

{Notable Traits}:

-Outerland Regions Security Force Officer
-Republic Navy Cadet
-Republic Military Prosecutor [Current]
-Republic Navy Captain [Current]

-The Galactic Republic
-Republic Navy


DC-17 Handaster [Sidearm]


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(I am just going to add a few things here isteaf of having to change everything)
Notable Traits: Helpful and kind.
Faction: Republic, and sometimes Hunter
Name: Zyloa Mior.
Nickname: Zya.
Weapons: Twin blasters
Force Sensitivity: Mild (she had some, but not enough to be a Jedi)
Affiliation: Republic.
Appearance: lavender skin with brown eyes and small circular patterns on her headtails.
Personality: She can be as sweet or as mean toward someone depending on first impression and how long that impression last.
Story: Zyloa was born in the Crimson Sector in Coruscant. Although she has some Force Sensitivity, she was not able to be found by the Jedi. Her family was killed by Raptors when she was five, killing her parents and six older siblings. She was found by a old astromech droid, R5-C4, who she nicknamed Buddy. The pair managed to get to the Jedi temple before the girl fall on the stairs in fatigue. She was brought back to health by the medical droids before she and R5 got on a ship to Tatoonie, where she worked small supply runs until she brought her own ship at age thirteen. She has been helping the Republic for six years now with her 'Buddy'

(The pic is just of how she looks)

+Imperial Officer Terminith 

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