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HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - from the Dipod team with Highways England In which we discuss the preparations and resources that are being provided for instructors and pupils with the upcoming learners on the motorways, and we get an insight into how the motorways are run.

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The latest edition of Dipod is now on line.

In this show we have a moan about road markings and pot holes, discuss assessment drives for older drivers and find out more about Track Global and Highways England.

Road Markings
70 Year Old Drivers
Track Global
Highways England
Find the show at! or find us on Spotify!

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The latest Dipod went on line a couple of days ago. If you've not heard it yet, check us out on Spotify, Google Music or our Facebook video page. Alternatively go to our website at where you can find out all the information regarding Dipod and how to get hold of us.

In this show we find out more about the driving hub and why it is not online yet, we look at the pro's and con's of doing your own accounts, talk about autonomous vehicles and look at the upcoming MOT changes.

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Show 137 'New Test Survey' is now online from our website at, on Spotify, Google Music, Itunes, iHeart Radio, and the video section on our Facebook page.

In this show we run though the NASP Survey on the new driving test, we ponder on observation at roundabouts, elaborate on L Plates and glean some nuggets regarding learners on Motorways!

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The latest Dipod is now on line at In 'Quintin's Response' we look at parking in supermarket car parks, insurance, the new test v's the old amongst many other topics.

Your response is always welcome at

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The latest DIPOD is now online! In this show we look at a worrying development in car thefts (video at our website, and we look at clutch control with regard to seat position amongst other topics.

Clutch Phobia
Hazard Lights
Flashing Headlights
Emergency Stops
Car Jacking

Find it all at

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Dipod - The Driving Instructors Podcast returns.

After a 4 month break the podcast is back. Now recorded as live, which means I don't have to spend ages editing hours of material, the podcast can be up and ready to listen to with a day - which this one was.

Recorded yesterday (24/1/18), amongst many other things we discuss the new driving test and preparations for a new highway code.

Find us as ever at, and now on Facebook (go to our videos page), Or search for us on Google Music, Iheart Radio, iTunes, Spotify and of course on a mobile phone near you via a host of apps (Pocketcasts being a favorite)

Looking forward to your feedback.

Peter King.

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After something of a break in transmission Dipod returns with the second installment of our interview with safety expert Graham Feest.

We cover a multitude of subject including binning the Highway Code, shared space, Graduated licensing and the eye sight test amongst many others.

Find and download the show at

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The latest podcast from Dipod is now on line ready for your download. Show 132 'Graham Feest - Part 1'.

In this show we are joined by Graham Feest who is an extremely experienced and knowledgeable expert on Road Safety matters who is well known and respected throughout the industry...

* Motorway Tuition
* Real Life Driving
* Graham Feest Intro
* The One In Five
* Driver Trainers Role

Find us at

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In this show we discuss the why and wherefores regarding teaching on motorways, motorway psychology and we continue our series on the National Standards. This time looking at Skills and Techniques.

* Motorway Training by Fleet
* Motorway Training Licence
* Following Distance
* Motorway Psychology
* Brake Lights
* Logged Hours
* New Registrar
* Skills and Techniques

Please note that this show was recorded before the recent announcement regarding learners on motorways which has now been announced for 2018
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