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#RT Hear & please share our YouTube reality - U.S. Latin America policy & how CIA, media & past U.S. leaders Democrat and Republican lied to U.S. citizens.

Raw interview w @SuyapaPV and @DanielRoyBaron about the #hondurascaravan


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I believe in Democracy Socialism which is different than Democratic Socialism and here is why.

I just invented a 100% new form of government which doesn't exist now and I call it:

Democracy Socialism which combines the best ideas of government I learned from combining with the country Bhutan "Gross National Happiness" and Human Being Quality.

Combining Six sigma, Social Justice, Livable Wages, Progressive Programs funded with Modern Monetary Economics, Project Management Professional, Equal Rights, ISO9000 and human factors not like quality in Japan wherebaround a million people commit suicide from extreme quality but human factored quality that doesnt exist in any government.

If you know of public speaking opportunities to discuss these ideas please let me know thanks!

Thanks for your reply. The truth is the world has never known the real bottom up democracy leadership version of Socialism.

All the countries around the world we have thought as being socialism are not true socialism. They have ALL been manipulated by oligarchy and corrupt predatory capitalism.

A real Democracy Socialism model would be run 100% by people not by vested interests such as predatory corporations, oligarchy of wealthy billionaires and uber wealthy families.

The only time the world has seen 100% pure democracy socialism was with the 1871 Paris Commune where 30,000 of those leaders where lined up and killed by firing squad by the Oligarchy of France who did not want a pure bottom up for the people leadership version of government

So with real democracy that is NOT polluted corrupted by predatory corporate capitalism or oligarchy uber wealthy families & business influences. Please read up on this when you get a chance.

The CIA and oligarchy driven Mainstream Media has done a good smear campaign against Democracy Socialism equating it with Communism, Fascism, Natzi, and other horrific forms of government. Democracy Socialism has the checks & balances, transparency, human being quality assurance missing on every form of government including 2018 U.S. Predatory Capitalism and since governments started.

Please click on this recent interview #Win4News had with Ed Pitzer about the who what when where why of Democracy Socialism.

The untold story of the recent occupy movement, which tried to bring in Democracy Socialism to the U.S. but it was squashed just like the 1871 Paris commune!

What are your thoughts?

Thank you @DanielRoyBaron from @MyHumanCompass #DRBPotus46 #Win4News #MakUSAACountry

One of my favorite interviews w/ Geoff Ginter Real Progressives now on iHeart Radio #Win4News Voices of Global Freedom!

Listen to our commentary on "CNN Jake Tapper and Congress Candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and how human being quality along with the Modern Monetary Theory will fund these progressive programs" by Win4News:

Click this link and the play button to hear:

We are always looking for guests to interview on Win4News. Feel free to contact us.

Thank you Backpack,

@DanielRoyBaron on most social media.

Phone: (619) 430-7236


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After yesrs of talk show interviews and authoring books this is my favorite!

Listen to "CNN Jake Tapper Host Horrific Treatment Of Congress Candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez" by Win4News via #spreaker 

Click this link and the play button to hear:

After yesrs of talk show interviews this is my favorite! Live from the Sao Paulo Brasil area.

Listen to "CNN Jake Tapper Host Horrific Treatment Of Congress Candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez" by Win4News via #spreaker 

Click this link and the play button to hear:


One of the most important interviews I have ever done.

Jake Tapper @jaketapper White Guy @CNN Host Horrific Treatment of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez @Ocasio2018

W/ #RealProgressives host @geoff_ginter and #Win4News host @DanielRoyBaron

Here's link:

Use #MMT to 100% pay for progressive programs w ZERO tax!

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JOIN THE ILLUMINATI WORLD ORDER today and become Rich, Famous and Powerful in life. You can achieve your dreams by being a member of the great illuminati and Start receiving $5,000,000 USD, every Month and a visa to any country of your choice. With the illuminati all your dreams and heart desire can be fully accomplish. If you are interested in becoming a member of the great illuminati message me on WhatsApp +1(571)489-6385.

The CIA killed the white Kennedy's who wanted to end the CIA's grip on America. Anyone who stands in the way of their foreign policy desires & attempts to control the masses will find themselves on their kill list.

Julian Assange, one of today's great freedom fighters, is on that list, if he's not already dead. This government operates in secrecy, and so cannot be held accountable.

We are not allowed to question their authority, and now Trump is learning that with all the backlash he's facing after his meeting with Putin and his seeming to dismiss the CIA's assessment regarding Russia's supposed election interference.

@DanielRoyBaron on most social media vote #DRBPotus46

#Win4News #WinNewsNetwork

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I was just at recent protests #Trump in San Francisco & his concentration camps led by #ICE #DHS separate immigrant families,

Why he became the most hated President & leader of any country in modern times.


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Share if you agree that goodwill, Salvation Army etc. "Thrift stores" are creating bad will for our communities with their corporate greed and markup on clothes donated to them.

They are not a thrift store but a corporation. Read some of the comments on the following youtube.

Go up to managers of these supposed thrift stores tell them your broke see if they help you out?

I recommend that our communities start their own volunteeer based free clothing drives that involves no money. Money and charity don't mix ... my experience is that the only charity that works is when a cash register is not involved.

@GoodwillIntl is BADWILL & not thrift. We keep hearing bad will stories since @WinNewsNetwork broke the story of greed & lack of compassion on helping our communities and remember they get ("DONATED") clothes but are making billions?

Charity and cash registers dont mix!

GOOD can return back to goodwill when we create community thrift stores giving 100% FREE clothes back to our communities to help all in need.

#TakeAKnee until all of America becomes less like a corporation and more like a country!


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USA abandoned housing homeless crisis caused by corrupt Capitalism. We must move to Democratic Socialism or our planet will be beyond polluted and humanity will go extinct. Learn more on the latest Win News Network talk show with special guest Alexandra Distance Everheart Wilson click here to listen and share the shpw that will save you and your loved ones from the end of the world as you know it!

This is part one of a series of Daniel Roy Baron 2020 USA Presidential Town Hall meetings across America bringing in real Democratic Socialism solutions to cure corrupt capitalism leading us and planet mother earth to certain doom.

@DanielRoyBaron from @MyHumanCompass #DRBPotus46 Chief Quality Officer @WinNewsNetwork

Helping struggling have nots become thriving haves survive and thrive in these dangerous troubled times Voices of Global Freedom.

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#TakeAKnee to the capitalist corporate USA until we have the Eutopia system of pure bottom up leadership model of Democratic Socialism then we can #MakeAmericaACountry

Pure Democratic Socialism Has Never Been Allowed In Any Country. This is the new @WinNewsNetwork - People Over Profits Series soon to be a documentary.

Ed Pitzner with Socialist Worker gives a great explanation of what that really is and the reason why capitalists and the military industrial complex corporate powerhouse have worked to squash any attempt of any country to have the real bottom up leadership model of Democratic Socialism.

This video clears all the misconceptions Americans have had on Democratic Socialism and why we were all brainwashed by the capitalists as to why they don't like bottom up leadership models like Democratic Socialism.

The capitalists have given a bad name to Democratic Socialism however in reality this is the only government Eutopia system of being for the people, by the people model of government and it has never been allowed In any country in the past and it doesn't exist in any country in 2018.

The capitalist model is of the corporation, by the corporation "profits over people" and it doesn't support helping people however it only results in helping big business.

The closest Democratic Socialism ever came into reality was the Paris Commune 1871 and the capitalists lined up 30,000 of those leaders and assasinated them all.

Watch the video that rocks the foundation of everything you ever thought Democratic Socialism is about and why we should ALL embrace Democrat Socialism as our closet model of government that helps people over profits.
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