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This is where MeFites can divulge their identities if they wish, and also talk about what RPGs they like. Feel free to chat, post links and discuss RPGs here.

FATE Core and FATE Accelerated.

So - I just got introduced to FATE Core. Wow! I may have a new favorite one for all system to replace GURPS. Short, sweet, and cinematic! Anyone else out there a FATE person?

Hey, would anybody be interested in a hangout game I'm running this Saturday (10/24) using the original 1970s D&D rules? It's at 1:30 PM Eastern and there's no requirement to own the rulebooks. I could use another player or two. Comment below and I'll add you to the invites.

So would anyone be interested in an Actual Play? We just created characters and ran the introductory adventure to a short Alternity Dark Matter campaign I'm going to be running while our regular campaign is on hiatus for a couple of months. Quality writing not guaranteed!

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Not sure if anyone is interested, but there's a Dungeon World play-by-post game forming on Tavern Keeper that I've decided to join in on. I think the GM needs more players:

So, how does everyone start a game in terms of character creation? What do you feel is most important?

Personally, I've gotten to the point where the characters always have to have connections to one another. Some systems have this built in, like FATE and X-World games, and the ones that don't get a Fiasco style random relationship generation. Too often trying to force a bunch of random characters together goes wrong despite best efforts.

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For anyone interested in it, I have a blog that's been around for a while in the old school scene.
Semper Initiativus Unum
Semper Initiativus Unum

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Today would have been the birthday of D&D co-creator Dave Arneson. I wrote about Arneson on my blog. (Follow the "Arneson" tag if you want to read more of my writing about the man.)

So, who plays what? My current game is D&D 5, but Pathfinder and Savage Worlds are in rotation.

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Magic-user character progression. 
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