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Can anyone draw these two together in a ship? Anyone can do it just tell me if ur gonna do it and tag me so I can see it❤️❤️
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name: whither
age: only noch knows
mob: the whither
personality: he has three normal anger then silly
powers: throwing whither skulls that blow up
gender: male

You see a male with black hair, purple eyes and carries a gold block in his hand. Purple particles dancing around him (open rp)

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Name: Ram_Believer
Gender: female
Age: 18
Likes: Animals, singing, drawing, reading, YouTube, broadway musicals, old movies, and Disney
Dislikes: Thunderstorms, spiders, dubstep, rated r films, and seeing friends being harmed
Fears: Spiders, Needles, and Thunderstorms
Talents: Singing, and Art
Crush: The Fear Raiser
Siblings: (rp siblings not real life ones) Little Kelly and Little Carly
Personality: funny, kind, loyal, honest, adventurous, creative, musical, retro, and loving
Pets: baby creeper named Dyane and an Enderwoman named Ethel. (Found these mobs as orphans when they were babies and she raised them as her own kids.)
Bio: the youngest princess of the Magic Kingdom, making her the baby sister of Little Kelly and Little Carly. She has always had a strange connection with animals, similar to the connection that Dr Doolittle has. 
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Name: Mika Yokonawa


Personality: She trains Steve and his sister and she is very strict. She expects a lot too.

Looks: She always wears black leather jeans and a black leather jacket. Under that she wears a white tank top. She has black millitary boots. She has short black hair and blue eyes.

Other: There was an event almost like the Holocaust in Minecraftia. She was Jewish and Herobrine was like Hitler. Luckily, she escaped, but with the cost of her limbs. Her hair is cut off and is extremely short. Don't worry, she also has prosthetics. She is a skilled fighter too

Name: Suki Harui


Personality: Funloving, somewhat childish. She is Steve's younger sister and is attached to him like a daughter is with a mother. She has separation anxiety and cries when her brother is either gone mining or fighting. But during the years that she's been in Minecraftia her anxiety gets better

Looks: she lips like a mini Steve but she wears a Japanese school uniform. She has shoulder length hair and it grows to her elbows during time.

Other: She uses splash potions to fight.

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Name: Shroud
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Ender-Human
Likes: Other Endermen, golden blocks, and reading
Dislikes: Villagers and water
Abilities: Teleportation
Personality: Shy most of the time but gets defensive when other endermen are attacked or when someone takes his gold block he carries all the time.
Bio: Shroud was raised in the End by his Enderman father and enjoys spending time in the Over world's cave systems. He often hides from humans and observes them and their behavior.

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Name: Shade
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Mob: Enderman
Abilities: Teleportation, invisibility
Likes: Darkness, quiet
Dislikes: Rain, water in general
Personality: Quiet, shy with a little bit of malice surrounding her aura.
Bio: She is the only survivor of a human attack on the small endervillage where she was raised. 


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Name: Kian
Personality: a bit insane, calm, aggresive
Dislikes: STUFF
Bio: You'll see

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Notch vs herobrine rap battle - an original Minecraft song:

Notch: I kicked your ass that time

Herobrine: oh really? How come every time you try to remove me I always come back?

Admin: who do YOU think won? -not my video

Notch: I did

Herobrine: pfft please, notch, I cooked you like pork chops!
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