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Okay so I installed noHeadsUp and in the app they say I can disable pop-up for single app, and to enable "show silently" and the app will make a noise and vibrate. I set the default sound, enabled "show silently" BUT then I do not hear any sound, only pop-up is blocked but no sound anywhere.

Hi would u like to add some new language?
+Vikranth Dhumal

Is this community dead or something?? No beta updates any more?? If so at least put an eol on the community's name.

How can I get intelli3g bera

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Hi, it would be nice to have a third option for network state. Right now there is "fast and slow". I think the following settings would be much more useful:

· Slow network: to be able to set it when wifi is on (currently available)
· fast network (i.e. choose 3G). When not in wifi.
· faster network (i.e. choose 4G). when specific apps are open while not in wifi.

I would like to have 3G predominantly on while not on wifi for battery reasons, but some apps are too slow and would benefit from 4G (like youtube).

So three case scenarios would be helpful :D


Scusate una domanda ma come si imposta per usare LTE a schermo acceso e mandarlo in 2g quando blocco lo schermo? Perché mi sembra che non funziona questa operazione ammesso che si possa fare

On LG L80+ KK 4.4.2 Intelli3G does not work at all. Regardless of configuration or changes, the app  can't change to any network in any ways. I have a stock ROM, rooted device and xposed framework working with other modules. By the way, there is other app which does a similar thing but has less features, that does change my network connections; but I'd rather used Intelli3G if it would be working. I'll go to the Beta app to see if it works. Thanks.

I just switched to Lollipop 5.1.1 and :
Intelli3g doesn't switch from 4g to 2g when I disable mobile data.
It worked very well on Kitkat.

Of course root, Xposed Lollipop, ...

App works fine on S5 4.4. but there is a problem with Llama :

Since Intelli3g is installed, Llama doesn't scan cells in background! So profiles only change when screen is on.

Anyone else with this problem?
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